Q-DAS: Enhancing Manufacturing Processes with Statistical Analysis

by Melanie Feuerstein on March 22, 2018 From Ask The Experts

In mass production, measuring every part is unfeasible, so it’s crucial that analyses and comparisons of inspection results are completed to the highest standard. By increasing their understanding of correlations between characteristic data and process parameter data, manufacturers can ensure measurement accuracy while optimising processes to reduce costs and cycle times. 

In this interview, Dr Edgar Dietrich, founder of the Hexagon-owned statistical process control (SPC) software specialist Q-DAS, discusses the importance of statistical analysis and how it enhances communication between plants and between manufacturers and suppliers, enabling actionable information for proactive, real-time decision making. 

Watch the video to discover more about Q-DAS and the power of statistical analysis.

Melanie Feuerstein

Melanie Feuerstein is Marketing Officer at Q-DAS, the Hexagon-owned statistical process control specialist. Before joining the company, she freelanced as a translator of numerous automotive standards, guidelines, reference books and market research. She holds a diploma from Heidelberg University, majoring in translation studies and minoring in business administration.