Why We Changed Our Name to Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

by Andrew Scarella on April 14, 2016 From News And Comment
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

What do Quantum Computer Services, Brad’s Drink and Blue Ribbon Sports have in common? They are all companies that changed their name to become some of the world’s most recognizable brands. You know them now as AOL, Pepsi and Nike-brands instantly recognizable by their logo, brand colors and even brand spokespeople.

It’s not uncommon for a brand to change their name due to it being inaccurate or misleading. Or perhaps the brand simply outgrew their own name because of acquisitions, a changing technological landscape and a new vision for the future. Such is the case with Hexagon Metrology, now known simply as Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. Our software-centric information technology solutions will improve quality and productivity across entire industry workflows.

Our new vision could best be summed up by our mantra: Sensing. Thinking. Acting.

As machines become more advanced, more data is available to the end user allowing them to make important decisions that affect everything from efficiency, accuracy and cost to operate.  Software based technology will allow machines to sense trouble and report information allowing you to think and act in a way not seen before.  Our name change symbolizes the leap from creating world class machines to creating world class intelligence. 

It’s not every day we get to compare ourselves to Apple, but they also changed their name from Apple Computers to just Apple, Inc. They too outgrew their name and went on to innovate across industries like music, cell phones and tablets. We hope our name change will allow Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence to innovate across industries like aerospace, medical technology and more.

Andrew Scarella

Andrew Scarella is the Digital Marketing Manager for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence North America. He contributes to this blog as well as updates the North American website and provides content for the company social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.