Capture real-world quality data for measurement, positioning and inspection, and use actionable information gained by analysing the results to improve manufacturing processes.

The role of metrology within the manufacturing process has long been associated with quality assurance – a post-production inspection of the dimensional measurements of a part against specifications. Results either indicated that the the part was either good to go, or that it was not to standard and needed, at best, reworking, or at worst, to be scrapped completely. Metrology was the necessary evil; quality the barrier to productivity.

Yet quality data provides manufacturers with much greater opportunities than simply checking components. The function of the quality department shouldn’t be to find fault. By analysing quality data to its full potential, the quality department can influence decision-making upstream and downstream. It can help other stakeholders within the manufacturing process to ensure that quality runs throughout the product lifecycle. It can be the architect of quality design, quality production and quality outcomes.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s metrology hardware captures quality data for measurement, positioning and inspection. It is the key bridge between the real and virtual worlds, bringing real-world data into the digital domain. Our technology is helping manufacturers to pioneer mechanisms for utilising this data more effectively – using it to inform design and engineering processes and provide feedback to the production process. Our measurement-assisted production technology is best-in-class, and we continue to innovate towards more real-time feedback loop applications.

Hexagon has a proud heritage in metrology, delivering accuracy and precision from the quality room to the shop-floor. Our research and development team is committed to developing new measurement hardware across a technology portfolio encompassing hand tools, coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), portable measuring arms, laser trackers and 3D optical scanners, as well as metrology software and statistical process control (SPC) solutions. We are driving quality inspection technology trends: from contact to non-contact; from offline to integrated; from manual to automated. And, by using our metrology hardware and software solutions in parallel with manufacturing information technologies from the wider product lifecycle, we are driving new definitions of metrology and the quality department, and developing processes where quality drives productivity.

Metrology Hardware

Metrology Software

Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software

Design and Engineering

Embed quality into product design and engineering to ensure component manufacturability and downstream production productivity.


Ensure that design intent is maintained through the production cycle to improve productivity and continuously deliver high-quality components.

Measure Quality

Read how Triumph Gear manages the quality of around 500 different types of aerospace components with tolerances as tight as 25 microns.

측정장비 하드웨어

측정 수공구부터 자동화 솔루션, 3차원 측정기 (CMMs), 이동식 다관절 측정기, 레이저 트래커 및 광학 스캐너에 이르기까지 Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence는 치수 측정에 관한 모든 산업용 측정 시스템을 제공합니다. 

측정 소프트웨어

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence는 측정 산업에서 가장 큰 소프트웨어 개발업체로, 지능적이고 효과적인 데이터 수집, 분석 및 평가는 물론 강력한 데이터 관리 및 보고서 기능을 제공하는 독자 개발된 개별 맞춤형 소프트웨어 패키지를 제공합니다. 

통계 제어 프로그램 (SPC) 소프트웨어

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence의 통계 프로세스 제어(SPC) 소프트웨어 솔루션은 품질을 보증하고, 기능 평가 및 매개 변수 기반 프로세스 제어를 지원합니다. 다양한 규모와 구성의  제조업체에게 적용가능한 완벽한 데이터 관리 및 통계 평가 방법을 제공합니다. 

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