Aero Engine Multibody Dynamics Simulation

Aero Engine System Simulation to Optimise Engine Performance Early in the Design Process

Being able to build a light, high performance, fuel-efficient engine within short design cycles gives aircraft engine manufacturers a strong competitive edge.

Several complex subsystems and approximately 3,000 components make up a typical aircraft engine, working together to provide the thrust that propels the aircraft and to power onboard functions such as air circulation. It’s this complexity that makes a turbine engine both time-consuming and expensive to build and test physically. To guarantee design and manufacturing efficiency, manufacturers need to be able to analyse and understand system performance early in the engine design process.

Virtual prototyping enables engineers to test many designs and come up with an optimum system configuration before building the first physical prototype. 

Hexagon’s simulation and analysis software lets engineers simulate structural and thermal loads and even transition from linear to non-linear analysis within the same tool. Other functions include executing high and low-cycle fatigue analysis. Engineers can also use our tools to study the behaviour of sub-systems such as bleed valves and stator vanes. We also provide a unified environment in which to perform all modelling tasks.

Multidisciplinary Structural Analysis

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Multibody Dynamics Simulation

Adams can be used to expand analysis of an aero engine from a component to a system level and account for effects such as friction and flexibility.

Virtual Product Development

The MSC Apex platform provides a unified CAE environment that enables engineers to design and validate products faster.

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