LK Precision doubles measurement speed with identical Hexagon coordinate measuring machines

LK Precision - Sweden

LK Precision manufactures fine mechanical parts, complex plastics and metal components for companies with high precision requirements. “It’s important to us that we deliver according to the performance requirements of our customers, who in many cases build complex applications without being able to take measurements themselves,” says Fredrik Mossberg, Quality Manager. “Our goal is that our customers don’t need to worry about quality because it’s inbuilt into our vision at LK Precision.”

To meet specification needs, LK Precision opted for Hexagon’s GLOBAL Advantage CMM, and so the company’s first CMM was put into operation in 2012. Using analogue scanning probes, the GLOBAL CMM offered LK Precision fast and accurate measurement with the highest precision.

Hexagon’s training attains a level of expertise that suits us very well.

To help streamline production and avoid bottlenecks, another identical GLOBAL Advantage was recently introduced, and they stand side by side in LK Precision’s measuring room.

“If one machine is occupied, then we use the other. In this way, we double the measurement capacity without having to create more measurement programs, and during service and calibration our production never stops,” says Mossberg.

LK-Precision-Inspection-RoutineA number of factors besides accuracy led LK Precision to choose yet another machine from Hexagon. With a PC-DMIS CAD++ offline licence, the company can prepare the measurement programs based on a CAD model and have the program ready before manufacture.

The local service and support that LK Precision benefitted from during its partnership with Hexagon was also a crucial decider. LK Precision’s operators have been trained by Hexagon to ensure that they have up-to-date knowledge to maximise the effectiveness of the new machines, developing their skills in GD&T, DataPage and scanning.

“We believe that Hexagon’s training attains a level of expertise that suits us very well. Our calibration technicians are brilliant and very skilled, which places high demands on our training suppliers,” says Mossberg.

Case Study: LK Precision


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