CoreView Virtual Programming

Software for quick creation of 3D optical measurement and robot programmes

CoreView Virtual Programming streamlines a variety of tasks for planning, simulating, optimising and complete offline programming of automated 3D optical measurement cell routines, including robot programs. 

The user-friendly programming software enables you to save time by avoiding the cumbersome process of manually programming optical inspection with fast automated measurement creation and robot program creation. 

By installing CoreView Virtual Programming metrology software on a separate desktop computer, you can drive even more time-savings by performing offline programming, reducing interruptions to the measurement system. 

As part of the CoreView Teach application, CoreView Virtual Programming allows you to plan measurement objectives, sensor data acquisition, and optimise robot paths with simulation tools.
Simplified and efficient measurement
Interact with a single application to rapidly create measurement programmes, easily edit and fine-tune routines, and take full control of the cell components. 

Fast robotic programming
Save time with intuitive and speedy robot program creation. 

Optimise routines
Fully simulate measurement to protect sensors from collisions and immediately find the most effective inspection route with robot kinematics and automated path solving. 

Enhance throughput efficiently
Measure more by easily programming the same part in different cells, increasing your inspection rate. You can also save time further by installing CoreView Virtual Programming measurement software on a desktop computer, freeing up the measuring system with offline programming.


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360º Cell

ハイテクオートメーションコンポーネントと最先端の3D光学測定技術を組み合わせた360°Cellは、完全に自動化された検査工程のためのターンキーソリューション(導入後直ちに稼働できる状態にあるシステム)です。 そのモジュール構造により、インストールが迅速かつ簡単になり、カスタマイズされた自動化ソリューションの複雑さを解消します。