PC-DMIS: Execute

Select and execute measurement routines faster than ever before

While a part is being verified, the production team is waiting for actionable results. PC-DMIS brings the richest toolset to speed the setup and execution of your measurement routines. With visual and automated execution methods, hands-free automation and progress monitoring, organisations get the results they need, fast.

  • One-click execution with the Inspect shop-floor user interface
  • Multiple routine selection
  • Easy part setup procedure
  • Walk up and measure
  • CMM progress monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
Easily run measurement programs
Easily select and run an inspection program without having to navigate within the core programming software. This gives the programmer peace of mind that the job will be done right the first time and the operator the confidence to perform measurement tasks in just a few clicks.

Eliminate the need to create multiple routines

Configure a single measurement routine into multiple mini routines. Easily take control in choosing sections of a routine or only features that pass or fail dimensional conditions.



Inspect は、標準的でシンプルなグラフィックインターフェイスを使用し、生産レベルのオペレータのPC-DMIS測定ルーチン実行をサポートする、スタンドアロン型アプリケーションです。


PC-DMIS NCフトウェア製品は、CNC機械用の先進的な、工程間測定システムです。

PC-DMIS EDM Preset & Measure

PC-DMIS EDM Preset and Measureはプリセットを簡単安全に実行するソフトウェアと電極と部品の品質管理を正確に完璧に達成するソフトウェアの両方があります。


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What is PC-DMIS?

Supporting systems from CMMs to portable measuring arms and laser trackers, PC-DMIS is a measurement software solution for metrology professionals and shop-floor operators.



PC-DMIS: Create

PC-DMIS enables quality engineers and metrology specialists to create sophisticated measurement routines before the part exists and without occupying the CMM.

PC-DMIS: Collaborate

With customisable reports, cloud-based notifications and mobile alerts PC-DMIS delivers measurement results to everyone who needs them.