Machine Calibration and Optimisation

Hexagon provides system solutions for the accurate and comprehensive geometric analysis, monitoring and accuracy improvement of machine tools, measuring machines, robots and structures with the ETALON machine calibration and optimisation range.



The ETALON LASERTRACER-NG is a self-tracking laser interferometer that uses a patented measurement technique to make it faster and easier to maintain unrivalled levels of machine tool and CMM accuracy.


ETALON X-AX レーザーバー

ETALON X-AX レーザーバーは、中~小型の3軸~5軸までの工作機械の全作業量を最小限の測定装置で校正する画期的なアプローチです。 

ETALON TRAC-CAL | TRAC-CHECK software solutions

TRAC-CAL | TRAC-CHECK software makes it much faster and simpler to identify and correct a machine tool’s deviations so that it complies with key ISO standards.