APODIUS Absolute Camera AAC

High-Speed High-Detail Automated Feature Inspection

A common element found in a wide range of large manufacturing components, particularly in the aerospace sector, are small repetitive features such as drill holes. The ability to inspect such features in a productive way is a challenge that has typically been met with solutions that are slow, inaccurate or both of the above.

The APODIUS Absolute Camera AAC is a solution specifically designed for automatically inspecting a large number of such small features within a short timeframe. Designed to be mounted on a robot arm or integrated directly within a production machine, the AAC is capable of delivering fast measurement of small features at an extremely fine level of detail that is currently unmatched by alternative non-contact measurement techniques.
The AAC works in combination with the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 laser tracker and Leica T-Mac sensor as part of a laser tracker automation solution. Use of a Leica T-Scan 5 laser scanner is required to collect initial part orientation data. The laser tracker then provides extremely high-accuracy location data by tracking the T-Mac that is mounted alongside the AAC sensor. This data is then combined with the visual data collected by the AAC sensor and automatically processed within the dedicated APODIUS Explorer AAC software.

All this comes together to allow for complete small feature measurement and analysis, performed more quickly and accurately than any alternative method.
High-Definition Scanning
The APODIUS Absolute Camera AAC delivers incredibly fine-detail data for small features, with accuracy to within 10 microns for hole diameter measurements and 20 microns for position measurements.

APODIUS-Absolute-Camera-with-robotHigh-Speed Scanning
A 10 Hertz measurement speed allows the AAC to keep up with robot movement covering up to 100 millimetres per second, allowing a square-metre area of densely populated features to be accurately scanned in less than five minutes.

Large Part Measurement
Working in conjunction with the Leica T-Mac sensor allows the AAC to operate within a measurement volume of up to 60 metres in diameter around the laser tracker.

Small Feature Inspection
The fine detail capability of the AAC allows it to accurately measure even very small features, with accuracy maintained even on drill holes with sub-millimetre diameters.

Automated Reliability
The measurement capabilities of the AAC are built on the established quality and absolute accuracy of the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960, so you have complete confidence in the accuracy of your data.

A Wider Solution
The AAC is fully compatible with a tool changer system, allowing it to be used in conjunction with other AT960 measurement sensors such as touch probes or the Leica T-Scan 5 as part of a complete automated inspection solution.

Dedicated Software
The custom-built AAC Explorer software platform provides complete data processing and analysis functionality specifically designed for fine evaluation of extremely numerous small features such as drill holes, and can communicate with third-party software to facilitate full-part inspection.
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Leica Absolute Tracker AT960


Leica T-Mac

Leica T-Mac(トラッカー - マシンコントロールセンサー)、自動化用途のための次世代の6DoFトラッキングデバイスです。測定用途の自動化対応用に、現状のLeica T-Probeを改良にした、あるいは、関心があるますます多くのLeica Geosystemsのお客様の要望にお応えするものです。

Leica T-Scan 5

Leica Absolute Trackerは、一度のセットアップで直径60mの測定範囲という新しいレベルの優秀性が体験できます。

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