Why HxGN SMART Quality?

Learn why manufacturers choose HxGN SMART Quality and what makes the software unique

Why HxGN SMART Quality
HxGN SMART Quality extracts strategic insight from data you collect and enables you to implement change in resourcing and workflows to ensure efficiency and compliance.

Many platforms enable you to analyse quality data. Some even aggregate results from across different areas of the business to provide greater visibility into the wider manufacturing operation. Only HxGN SMART Quality offers all this functionality alongside an extensive resource, asset and workflow management toolset, allowing users to not only use data to inform decision making, but also to implement change within the system itself.

HxGN SMART Quality’s unique combination of connectivity, statistical evaluation and resource management tools enable you to connect systems and aggregate data from multiple sources, analyse the results in context, and respond in a timely and coordinated manner for a smarter way of working. The information it provides both takes the guesswork out of improving process strategies and gives you the means to roll-out changes across your organisation, improving efficiency, ensuring compliance with standards and minimising risk.

HxGN SMART Quality

HxGN SMART Quality Overview Fact Sheet

Customer Success

Read the thoughts of Jeff Livingston at medical device manufacturer Zimmer Biomet, an early adopter of HxGN SMART Quality.

HxGN SMART Quality Overview Fact Sheet

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HxGN SMART Quality is an online quality data and measurement resource management software platform that brings information automation to quality management.