HxGN SMART Quality: Statistics

Analyse, visualise and report data in a manageable, user-specific format through HxGN SMART Quality

HxGN SMART Quality Statistics
Statistical evaluation enables you to better utilise the data you capture on process parameters, together with measured values from metrology and test instruments.

Offering the ability to evaluate data to international, regional and corporate standards, HxGN SMART Quality empowers manufacturers by revealing trends within production processes to highlight areas for improvement before they become a problem. Driven by the Q-DAS quality management and statistical process control toolset, the statistical analysis functions of HxGN SMART Quality include advanced statistical tools, data management and analysis of structured quality data.

HxGN SMART Quality enables you to view specific measured parts in detail via an interactive 3D CAD model, complete with a bill-of-materials (BOM) tree, a comprehensive measurement feature list, and integrated statistical process control (SPC) analysis. Integrated qs-STAT software enables you to conduct machine and process capability analyses and generate quality control charts. For customers requiring additional statistical evaluation functionality, HxGN SMART Quality is also 100% compatible with the Q-DAS statistical software range.

Designed with user experience in mind, HxGN SMART Quality also supports the user-specific processing of results and the communication of these results to the people who need them. Easy-to-read dashboards help visualise the state of each process, with readouts personalised for the user profile. HxGN SMART Quality can also monitor process states in the background and indicate various kinds of deviations from specified limits. Depending on the application, the platform offers short- or long-term statistical analyses for process optimisation, enabling users to drive process flow changes in an automated way.

HxGN SMART Quality: Statistics

CAD-Driven Graphical Part Analysis
Displays all product quality related information at a glance.

Interactive 3D CAD Model Including Measurement Points and Result Indication
Enables users to find trends through value patterns or to display relevant Q-DAS statistics.

100% Q-DAS Compatible
Offers advanced SPC capabilities proven in industrial production worldwide.

HxGN SMART Quality Statistics Fact Sheet

Customer Success

Read the thoughts of Jeff Livingston at medical device manufacturer Zimmer Biomet, an early adopter of HxGN SMART Quality.

HxGN SMART Quality Statistics Fact Sheet

HxGN SMART Quality: Connectivity

Connectivity is the key to unlock the potential of manufacturing quality data. By connecting data from many sources, you gain contextual insight and are empowered to act fast.

HxGN SMART Quality: Resource Management

Determining how assets are currently used enables you to become proactive in your resource management, optimising utilisation and shaping smarter workflows.