HxGN SMART Quality: Connectivity

Collect and store quality data from almost any source with HxGN SMART Quality

HxGN SMART Quality Connectivity
Connectivity is the key to unlock the potential of manufacturing quality data. By connecting data from many sources, you gain contextual insight and are empowered to act fast.

Businesses capture and store large amounts of data every day. But with data often residing in different file formats on different systems, it can be extremely difficult to access and correlate results to meaningful effect.

Providing connectivity across data sources to gain greater insight from the information gathered, the powerful HxGN SMART Quality connectivity toolset collects and structures quality and process parameter data from multiple sources around the factory and even within the supply chain. Using the standard Advanced Quality Data Exchange Format (AQDEF) file format, the system can homogenise and integrate data into one database. Whether the data is entered manually or imported directly from measuring equipment and sensors, every relevant piece of information is connected to build a complete picture of your manufacturing activities.

HxGN SMART Quality also enables users to execute measurement routines from multiple systems through INSPECT, a simple graphical user interface designed to make measurements more convenient for operators. With the ability to support barcode and RFID part recognition, HxGN SMART Quality’s connectivity functions also pave the way for increased automation. Measurement status, data and reports can be uploaded to the server for distribution to stakeholders throughout the business.
HxGN SMART Quality: Connectivity

Modular and Open Architecture

Fully-scalable to customer needs and integrates seamlessly into IT infrastructures.

Easy and Convenient Execution
Reduces training effort and allows operators to focus on their primary tasks.

AQDEF Data Format
Standard data format enables the exchange of quality information.
HxGN SMART Quality Connectivity Fact Sheet

Customer Success

Read the thoughts of Jeff Livingston at medical device manufacturer Zimmer Biomet, an early adopter of HxGN SMART Quality.

HxGN SMART Quality Connectivity Fact Sheet

HxGN SMART Quality: Statistics

Statistical evaluation enables you to better utilise the data you capture on process parameters, together with measured values from metrology and test instruments.

HxGN SMART Quality: Resource Management

Determining how assets are currently used enables you to become proactive in your resource management, optimising utilisation and shaping smarter workflows.