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The online software platform for quality data and measurement resource management

HxGN SMART Quality
HxGN SMART Quality is an online quality data and measurement resource management software platform that brings information automation to quality management.

The HxGN SMART Quality platform enables you to harness the quality data stream across multiple phases of manufacturing, providing knowledge through comprehensive statistical analysis, visualisation and workflow management, and enabling process optimisations that increase the competitiveness of your manufacturing business. Using technology proven in the ultra-efficient automotive industry, HxGN SMART Quality structures data intelligently to give deep insight into production and helps accelerate your continuous improvement process.

The remotely accessible web-based HxGN SMART Quality platform enables users at various levels of the organisation to manage quality requirements along the product lifecycle in virtually real-time, allowing you to achieve a smart, data-driven approach to manufacturing.

• Collecting and storing quality data from any number of devices across multiple factories in one database
• Analysing, visualising and reporting data in a manageable, user-specific dashboard format
• Managing resources such as quality equipment, improving process workflows and organising operational tasks

Based on a highly-configurable standard toolset, HxGN SMART Quality can be tailored to the specific requirements of your manufacturing environment without the need for extensive development or costly customisation work, saving time and money. Scalable to fit almost any facility networks and organisational structures, HxGN SMART Quality embeds seamlessly into your IT infrastructure.

Whether installed on a single production line, throughout a manufacturing plant or across multiple sites of an enterprise, HxGN SMART Quality’s tools for connectivity, statistical analysis and resource management enable businesses to take control of their data and work smarter.

HxGN SMART Quality

Web Browser Interface
HxGN SMART Quality’s web-based interface allows online access to data, enabling users to break down information silos and access critical information remotely, wherever and whenever you need it.

World-Class Statistical Analysis Tools
Because HxGN SMART Quality shares the same data format and a common database with Q-DAS statistical software, it is compatible with the complete product range. Q-DAS software products are available as options to complement the statistical evaluation functions of HxGN SMART Quality.

Open System Ethos
HxGN SMART Quality is designed on an open system ethos and enables connectivity to machines from many different manufacturers as well as to enterprise systems, maximising the potential of connected data.

Workflow and Document Management
HxGN SMART Quality provides a single source of truth for workflow and document management, while standard dashboards make reporting and data interpretation simple and intuitive.

Fully-Scalable Modular Architecture
The modular concept of HxGN SMART Quality enables your instance of the system to grow with your business with minimal customisation and development work, ensuring you have a futureproof technology for quality data and measurement resource management.

Multiple Factory Connections
Featuring the ability to precisely model your organisational structure within the system and view quality and resource utilisation data across multiple manufacturing locations in the context of your business, HxGN SMART Quality is a powerful tool for collating information in distributed manufacturing setups.

Machine and Condition Monitoring
HxGN SMART Quality provides complete machine status and utilisation analysis for resource optimisation, while the optional PULSE environmental condition monitoring system enables you to monitor changes in working conditions, set parameterised alerts to expedite remedial actions, and reconcile anomalous results with workshop events.

One Software to Aggregate Information and Manage Resources
Offering a unique combination of tools for connectivity, statistical evaluation and resource management, HxGN SMART Quality is a single platform that addresses common manufacturing data management pain points for users at every level of the business.

Why HxGN SMART Quality?

HxGN SMART Quality extracts strategic insight from data you collect and enables you to implement change in resourcing and workflows to ensure efficiency and compliance.

HxGN SMART Quality Brochure

HxGN SMART Quality: Connectivity

Connectivity is the key to unlock the potential of manufacturing quality data. By connecting data from many sources, you gain contextual insight and are empowered to act fast.

HxGN SMART Quality: Statistics

Statistical evaluation enables you to better utilise the data you capture on process parameters, together with measured values from metrology and test instruments.

HxGN SMART Quality: Resource Management

Determining how assets are currently used enables you to become proactive in your resource management, optimising utilisation and shaping smarter workflows.