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HxGN SMART Quality is helping Zimmer Biomet solve the challenges of compliance and international manufacturing

HxGN SMART Quality

Leading medical device manufacturer Zimmer Biomet is an early adopter of HxGN SMART Quality. Read the thoughts of Jeff Livingston, Zimmer Biomet’s Worldwide Leader Coordinate/Automated Inspection, on the initial rollout of the system.

“We have CMMs in the United States, Ireland, China, and Puerto Rico. With the HxGN SMART Quality system, we’re able to see the data coming from multiple PULSE boxes on one dashboard. With your machine utilisation data available in that context, you can make much more informed decisions about how you run your business. For instance, can a facility in South America place a CMM in an open area, or does it have to be in a more environmentally-controlled situation? Does a facility in China need more CMMs, or do they need to improve their processes?

Jeff Livingston, Zimmer Biomet talking about HxGN SMART Quality
Jeff Livingston, Zimmer Biomet’s Worldwide Leader Coordinate/Automated Inspection

“My future state is going to be more along the lines of getting a ‘last 10’ error report, or ‘what’s running in error right now’, or ‘what’s getting close to error’. Instead of my guys running around putting out fires, they’ll be watching a dashboard and taking proactive measures based on data instead of crash alerts. It’s a whole new tool. We’re going into an actionable-data realm that just hasn’t been possible up to now. We’re still learning what the data can tell us and how we can use the data. It has the potential to change how you decide on plant network optimisation. It makes certain things that were insurmountable before very easily done.”

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HxGN SMART Quality is an online quality data and measurement resource management software platform that brings information automation to quality management.

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HxGN SMART Quality extracts strategic insight from data you collect and enables you to implement change in resourcing and workflows to ensure efficiency and compliance.