OPTIV Lite Benchtop CMMs

Affordable CMMs for multisensor metrology

At an entry-level price but offering premium performance, the benchtop CMM OPTIV Lite 3.2.2 combines a wide range of capabilities and features to efficiently automate dimensional measurement workflows throughout the manufacturing process.

OPTIV Lite 3.2.2 is purpose-built for quick and precise non-contact and tactile measurement of small parts across a range of industries, including electronics, e-Mobility, precision engineering, and medical. Offering complete traceability of measurement results and a simplified interface for ease-of-use, OPTIV Lite 3.2.2 is ideal for manufacturers looking to seamlessly adopt automated inspection procedures or meet expanding production demands.
Compact, robust design
OPTIV Lite 3.2.2 is a space-saving benchtop CMM with mechanical linear guides on all axes, a solid machine base and fixed bridge in granite and an optional base frame. The machine’s quality design is based on proven concepts from higher-level products within the OPTIV range, enabling optimised and dependable measurement performance in a wide temperature range. This makes the OPTIV Lite 3.2.2 suited for both final inspection of finished products and for quick process control close to tough production environments.

Vision and tactile measurement
The machine is offered in two standard configurations: the basic version is designed with Hexagon’s programmable 6x motorised zoom optics, a high resolution digital colour camera and a variable illumination in the form of a coaxial LED top light, telecentric LED back light and multi-segment LED ring light for high contrast illumination of complex surfaces and edges. The advanced multisensor model comes equipped with an additional touch-trigger probe. The system’s application flexibility can be further increased with a laser triangulation sensor which is available as an option. An optional rotary indexing table can be used to make harder to reach features easier to access.

Easy-to-use software
PC-DMIS metrology software comes as standard with OPTIV Lite 3.2.2, and users can increase operational simplicity with Inspect, a stand-alone application that allows production-level operators to easily execute measurement routines using a standard, user-friendly interface. Available as an option, Inspect Slideshow helps production-level CMM operators to immediately identify and resolve manufacturing defects using graphical real-time feedback on custom key dimensions. And Inspect Pallet offers the ability to configure a pallet for measuring a batch of parts with ease.

Connectivity to Hexagon’s smart technologies
OPTIV Lite 3.2.2 aims above entry-level standards in automated dimensional inspection by connecting with Hexagon’s innovative end-to-end manufacturing solutions for ease of operation (Inspect), remote system and environmental monitoring (HxGN SFx | Asset Management, PULSE), automated quality data management (Q-DAS) and automation integration (I/O kits). Full accessibility to these smart technologies allows customers to keep pace with the rapid development towards the Smart Factory and helps them optimise their production cycle by eliminating bottlenecks and inefficiencies in associated quality control processes.


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