CMM Upgrades and Retrofits

Technology never stands still. With CMM controller upgrades, improved sensors and the latest software, we ensure your equipment keeps pace with the latest standards.

Maintain Optimum Performance, Even When Optimum Improves

Investing in manufacturing equipment is an investment in the future. But with technology progressing at an ever-increasing rate, no factory can guarantee it has the newest and most efficient toolset installed and operational at all times. As manufacturing progresses towards Smart Factory principles, it’s essential that manufacturers are able to extract better performance from their existing installed equipment to maximise return on investment and ensure they aren’t left behind.

This is why Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence offers a range of CMM upgrade and retrofit products and services. Our dedicated retrofit controller and accessory options are designed specifically to make sure your factory keeps up with the pace, your equipment functions to the newest performance standards and your product always meets the demands of your customers.


Explore Hexagon’s range of products designed to enhance and upgrade your CMM’s performance.

RC Line Retrofit Controllers

The RC Line of retrofit controllers extends the life of your coordinate measuring machine (CMM), reducing the risk of machine downtime and upgrading usability for higher...

CMM 用アクセサリー





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特にCADが測定プロセスに導入されて以来、測定ソフトウェアは近年驚異的なスピードで開発が進みました。Hexagon Manufacturing IntelligenceのPC-DMISや他社ソフトウェアにより、多くのシステムにシンプルな「プラグ&プレイ」のアップグレードを提供しています。ヘキサゴン製品はもちろん、他OEMシステムでもご利用頂けるアップグレードです。

Customer Success

See how Hexagon customers have benefitted from CMM upgrades and retrofits.

China Airlines, Taiwan

Find out how a regular maintenance programme has ensured longevity for a large-volume CMM at China Airlines’ maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility in Taiwan.

Motor Sich, Ukraine

Read how an outdated CMM at Motor Sich was transformed to meet modern performance standards thanks to a Hexagon CMM retrofit.




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3D Retrofit Demonstrator

With this interactive guide, explore a range of opportunities to bolster your CMM, including software, controller and probe enhancements.