Enhanced Productivity Series CMMs

The Enhanced Productivity Series combines various technologies tailored to address your production challenges ranging from increased measurement throughput to extended measurement capability.

More Than a CMM

For manufacturing equipment, productivity is not just defined by the machine itself, but the technologies and capabilities built into it and their contribution to the outcomes of the entire solution. At Hexagon we are challenging manufacturers to rethink how quality impacts the entire manufacturing process. We realise that quality is more than an inspection system; it’s a series of steps taken to improve production efficiency.

Providing the option to select configurations from predefined capability packages or to configure the system for individual requirements, Enhanced Productivity Series (EPS) CMMs ensure that quality engineers creating measurement routines, operators executing the inspection, and quality managers analysing the data have the solution they need to ensure continuous improvement in the production workflow.


三次元門型座標測定機GLOBAL S(グローバルエス)は、スループット、プレシジョン、マルチパーパス、ショップフロアの各パッケージにより、個別ワークフローに適応した測定生産性を提供します。


GLOBAL S HTA航空機エンジンブレード測定ソリューションは、高精度の非接触式レーザー、4軸同時モーションコントローラ、最適化されたデータ取得方法の組み合わせにより、倣いスキャニングと比較して約2~5倍もの測定スループットを達成します。


Check out the technologies that make up the Enhanced Productivity Series


Compass technology keeps your CMM on course, reducing vibration for scanning performance that is straight and true even at high speeds. Acting like a shock absorber, it...

Scan Pilot

When the route ahead is unclear, you rely on the skill and knowledge of the pilot to guide you home. Scan Pilot improves the robustness of undefined path scanning...

Fly2 Mode

Fly2 Mode automatically optimises the motion path of a coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

Eco Mode

Sustainability is not just about social responsibility; it can be a key efficiency driver for businesses. With Eco Mode, economy meets ecology, saving power automatically...

Customer Success

See how Hexagon customers are benefitting from Enhanced Productivity Series CMMs

Measurement of Transmission Components

Automotive manufacturers are challenged to produce more components, faster, without compromising accuracy. Learn how GLOBAL S enables high accuracy measurements.

Optimising Medical Tool Inspection

Medical device manufacturers often require quality checks of dimensional characteristics on parts having different materials that require non-contact measurement.

Efficient Inspection of Screw Compressor Parts

With tight tolerances, screw compressors require an inspection solution that delivers both high accuracy and the fastest possible scanning speeds for maximised throughput.

3D GLOBAL S Demonstrator

Explore how you can push productivity further with the GLOBAL S.


年に一度開催されるヘキサゴン国際会議HxGN LIVEで革新的なキーノート、世界中に広がるネットワーク、必見の最新テクノロジー等をご体感下さい

Entry-Level CMMs

Dedicated entry-level coordinate measuring machine (CMM) systems for cost-conscious manufacturers requiring basic quality measurement.

Who's your quality side kick?

Productivity siphons may be lurking in your factory. Discover your quality sidekick and save productivity.

Ultra-High Accuracy CMMs

For applications that require extreme precision, ultra-high accuracy coordinate measuring machine (CMMs) offer the accuracy needed to handle complex geometries.