Hexagon collaborates with 3D Systems to offer manufacturers “engineering-aware” generative design for high-performance part design

Partnership helps accelerate transition from concept to manufacturing-ready design


Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has collaborated with world-leading additive manufacturing company 3D Systems to enhance its 3DXpert® design for additive manufacturing solution with Hexagon’s generative design technology. Integration of HxGN Emendate – Hexagon’s best-in-class generative design technology unlocks new levels of performance and confidence for users of the comprehensive 3DXpert solution which supports both metal and plastic-based additive parts.

3DXpert, which is now part of Oqton’s expanded portfolio, is a platform-neutral, integrated solution that enables users to prepare, optimise, and 3D print high-quality parts in record time. Hexagon enhances the solution by helping customers with high-performance design needs accelerate the transition from concept to an optimal, fully-engineered and manufacturing-ready design.

The speed and accuracy of HxGN Emendate boosts the design-to-manufacturing process for additive manufacturers in any sector by acting as a ‘co-pilot’ in the 3DXpert system, ensuring designs are engineering-validated, highly optimised and print-ready. This accuracy and reliability of design is of particular benefit to industries that demand high performance and precision, such as the aerospace and medical sectors. Users will have the option to utilise the Hexagon engine’s high-end part optimization in 3DXpert to shortlist and refine design candidates with unrivalled speed and efficiency, all while remaining within the same solution.

Ben Schrauwen, co-founder and CEO, Oqton said, “We are excited about this collaboration and the potential it holds for existing and future customers looking for the best-in-class additive manufacturing software, now with the generative design engine that makes Hexagon the go-to for enhancing the speed and optimisation of 3D printed designs.”

“This partnership is a great step to ensuring that manufacturers worldwide have the opportunity to implement Hexagon’s generative design capabilities,” said Thomas Reiher, director, generative design at Hexagon. “We’re excited to contribute to such a trailblazing system as 3DXpert, to help improve outcomes the most demanding customers and facilitate industrial adoption together.”

The HxGN Emendate generative design engine is available to end users through MSC Apex Generative Design, a high-productivity generative design application that helps engineers to design and re-engineer parts to make optimal use of the lightweight topologies and design freedoms made possible by additive manufacturing processes.


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