Next generation Hexagon CMM platform enhances precision part manufacturers’ productivity

Hexagon’s enhanced 3D multisensor OPTIV M coordinate measuring machine (CMM) gives manufacturers of small and medium precision parts the greater configuration flexibility and future readiness they need to increase productivity within their unique environment.

Hexagon today launched the multisensor OPTIV M CMM which deploys Hexagon’s Enhanced Productivity Series (EPS) to provide manufacturers of small and medium precision parts a range of configuration packages optimised for their individual applications.

The successful EPS concept offers manufacturers a choice of productivity drivers based on their application’s need for throughput, precision, flexibility or shop floor capability. The pre-configured, highly evolutive EPS packages make it simpler for quality engineers and CMM operators to create, execute and analyse measurement routines that drive higher productivity. The OPTIV M is available in three performance levels of Green, Blue and Chrome, making it ideal for a full range of budgets and applications.

Dr. Tobias M. Weber, Product Manager Vision says: “The OPTIV M multisensor CMM helps precision part manufacturers in fast-paced, competitive environments raise inspection productivity in line with their specific business goals. On top of satisfying demand for a multisensor CMM tailored for today’s applications, the OPTIV M is designed to adapt readily to future smart technologies and changing production requirements.” A flexible, easily upgradable configuration makes the OPTIV M future-ready and compatible with a comprehensive portfolio of contactless and tactile sensors, software and collaborative technologies. In addition to the EPS packages configured for throughput, precision, flexibility or shop floor capability, Hexagon offers a customised version of the OPTIV M.

The OPTIV M CMM is available worldwide via local Hexagon commercial operations and dealers.
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence について

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligenceは従来のテクノロジーを見直し、明日の世界を変える製品開発を支援します。測定と生産ソリューションのスペシャリストとして、当社のセンシング、シンキング、アクティング( 測定データの収集、分析、実用的な活用 )における専門性が、生産品質の向上、製造スピードの向上、その結果生産性を向上できる自信を当社の顧客に提供しています。

5 つの大陸に展開されている各地域のサービスセンター、生産施設、営業オペレーションのネットワークを通じて、我々は品質が生産性をリードする、製造におけるスマートな変革の世界を構築しています。

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence は、Hexagonグループ傘下の地理空間的・産業的エンタープライズ・アプリケーション全体で品質と生産性を担う情報テクノロジーの世界的リーディングプロバイダーです。


Hexagon (Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B)では世界50カ国で21,000名以上の従業員が働き、総売上高は約3.8億ユーロです。詳細はhexagon.comにてご確認ください。