FTI Announces Release of CATSTAMP® CAA V5-Based and CATSTAMP® for CATIA V6

21 8月 2019
Forming Technologies (FTI), part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, announced today the worldwide release of the CATSTAMP® CAA V5-Based and CATSTAMP® for CATIA V6 (3DExperience). As a CATIA V5 and V6 Partner product, CATSTAMP® provides forming simulation, blank prediction, and cost optimization tools for sheet metal stampings. It is used by cost estimators, design engineers, tooling designers, and advanced planning engineers in the automotive, aerospace, consumer product and electronics industries. This release introduces numerous enhancements that ensure the best quality results and exceptional performance for all users.

Overall changes to the CATSTAMP’s Forming Toolbar and process flow allow for optimal Material Utilization (MUL) and Design for Manufacturability (DFM) concepts to fully be realized. These concepts help customers reduce material waste through virtual tryouts replacing test stampings and addressing formability issues that could threaten the integrity of a part long before the stamping makes it to the shop floor.

FTI’s CATSTAMP® products are fully integrated into both CATIA V5 and V6 as Forming Toolbar icons for formability, blank development, and springback analysis. The Forming Toolbar’s new single dialog is intuitive for quick adoption, enables two-times faster performance, and is more efficient for users significantly reducing mouse mileage. Further, the new integrated data management architecture no longer requires CATIA’s analysis workbench making data management seamless and all FTI CATSTAMP® results are stored natively in the CATPart file.

CATSTAMP® now boasts substantial improvements in post-processing capabilities allowing the user to identify information anywhere on the component. User’s will enjoy the dynamic heads-up display of simulation results for all result plots. The new integrated reports allow users to highlight and identify important information including automatic indication of minimum/maximum and multi-pick options. The additional display and reporting of “true part weight” accounting for node by node thinning and component strains can significantly improve accuracy of CAE analysis such as crash simulations, structural, dynamics, NVH, durability and fatigue by accounting for the manufacturing process of the body-in-white components.

Finally, significant updates have been made to both speed and accuracy in CATSTAMP® Springback Analysis. Tooling design and development for sheet metal forming is an expensive process in terms of both time and current manufacturing cost. CATSTAMP® can be used in tooling design procedures to accurately predict and accommodate for errors due to springback in sheet metal forming operations. To design the appropriate tooling, springback distributions on the sheet in the fully loaded, deformed state are computed by CATSTAMP® and, using a new direct link, loaded into CATIA’s Digital Shape Editor for users to morph native CATIA (part or die) surfaces for springback compensation. Using this Springback-Morphing process natively integrated in CATIA provides users with a powerful tool that can replace their current trial and error procedures, thereby greatly reducing the cost of tooling development and the experience required for such development.

“We’re very excited to be announcing our release of CATSTAMP® V5 and V6 with the focus being on user efficiency and performance.” Says FTI’s Executive Director Dan Marinac. “One of the main tenets of our software is to maximize Material Utilization and perform forming feasibility with Design for Manufacturability, which not only saves our customers millions of dollars, significantly reduces the number of Engineering Change Requests (ECRs) but also uses data to reduce waste and make the stamping process more sustainable.” 
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Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligenceは、今日の破壊的な技術革新、明日のライフを変える製品開発を進める製造業界をサポートします。測定技術と製造ソリューションのリーディングカンパニーのエキスパートとして、感じ、考え、行動、分析し、活発なデータ使用により、品質向上に重点を置きながら、今日の製造スピードUPと加速する生産性向上に対し、お客様に確信を与えます。


Hexagon Manufacturing IntelligenceはHexagonグループ(Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B)の一つで、生産性と品質で、地理空間情報の産業用エンタープライズアプリケーションを牽引するinformation technologiesのグローバルリーディングプロバイダーです。

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Forming Technologies IncorporatedはHexagon Manufacturing Intelligenceグループに属し、シートメタル部品のデザイン、シミュレーションを扱うcomputer aided engineering softwareのワールドリーダーです。
Forming Technologies Inc.,の詳しい情報は、www.forming.com.まで。


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CATSTAMP® enables users to quickly and easily evaluate part and process feasibility as well as determine blank shape and spring back.