Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Launches Benchtop Multisensor Coordinate Measuring Machine

The Optiv Performance 322 Combines System Flexibility with ISO 10360 Standard-Compliant Accuracy

17 4月 2018

Leading metrology and manufacturing solution specialist Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has released the new Optiv Performance 322, a customisable benchtop multisensor coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that offers a small footprint and convenient upgradability to cater for a variety of applications.

Weighing 180 kg, the fixed bridge and moving table-type machine is light enough to be placed directly on existing workbenches and relocated without recalibration by a Hexagon engineer. As well as saving floorspace, the machine allows for increased accuracy and repeatability at high speed (300 mm/s) and high acceleration thanks to the stiffness of its granite construction, making it ideal for the inspection of sheet metal stampings and injection-moulded plastic parts, profile scanning, and more applications.

Equipped with PC-DMIS software, the Optiv Performance 322 is designed for flexibility and can measure a range of different parts with minimal turnaround times. The CMM is available in an entry-level vision-only configuration, while the machine’s 3D accuracy specification and future-ready pre-cabling enables easy in-field upgrades to a complete 3D multisensor solution accepting a range of contact and non-contact sensors, reducing customer requirements for multiple products in the inspection area. The system is built on a modular concept, so the sensors, controllers, PC and measuring software can easily be customised and scaled to changing requirements.

The CMM features advanced temperature compensation technology that calculates a correction value for measurement deviations to ensure users get consistently stable results. 

“It hasn’t always been easy for manufacturers to find a solution that offers both a small footprint and the ability to meet their evolving inspection needs,” says Marc Stalker, Strategic Product Manager sCMM, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. “The benchtop Optiv Performance 322 not only answers those needs but drives throughput by combining excellent application flexibility with ISO 10360 standard-compliant accuracy at high acceleration.” 

The Optiv Performance 322 is available to order today in EMEA, APAC and China. Full details are available from local Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence commercial operations and dealers. 

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence について

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligenceは従来のテクノロジーを見直し、明日の世界を変える製品開発を支援します。測定と生産ソリューションのスペシャリストとして、当社のセンシング、シンキング、アクティング( 測定データの収集、分析、実用的な活用 )における専門性が、生産品質の向上、製造スピードの向上、その結果生産性を向上できる自信を当社の顧客に提供しています。

5 つの大陸に展開されている各地域のサービスセンター、生産施設、営業オペレーションのネットワークを通じて、我々は品質が生産性をリードする、製造におけるスマートな変革の世界を構築しています。

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Hexagon (Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B)では世界50カ国で20,000名以上の従業員が働き、総売上高は約3.8億ユーロです。詳細はhexagon.comにてご確認ください。

Optiv Performance

Optiv Performance製品ラインは、堅牢なグラナイト製、各軸は機械式ベアリング採用、多様なセンサ種類を特長とし、数多くの測定タスク処理を可能にします。Optiv Performanceラインは品質管理室と生産現場の両方で、小型から大型ワークピースを測定する第一の選択肢となります。


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