Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Releases QUINDOS 7.12

QUINDOS Continues to Set the Standard in Multisensor Applications and New Standards for Special Geometry Solutions

27 7月 2017
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence today announced the release of QUINDOS 7.12, the new version of the leading metrology software for special geometries. The new QUINDOS release is an ideal partner for the latest technologies and proves to be an efficient all-rounder in new application solutions. As with the Roughness option, modules for Gear Racks and extended option for Curvic Coupling added in the previous version, QUINDOS continues its tradition of expanding into new application areas for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

The measurement and evaluation of linear broaches for turbine discs now complements the series of specialised options available. This option provides a standardised QUINDOS part program development interface to systematically guide the user to the finished CNC program.

The software modules for worm gears provide the same functionality and now include the Spiroid Pinion option. The measurement and evaluation of left-handed or right-handed single-start or multi-start spiroid pinions rounds off the solution spectrum for QUINDOS users.

The latest software version also includes a further development of the SENMATION universal sensor interface – SENMATION SX. This implementation opens the door to multisensor measurement of turbine blades and the associated time savings in combination with the professional QUINDOS options.

Additional new implementations of optical sensors further enhance the options available in the powertrain field.
Blade measurement on the GLOBAL Advantage HTA achieves even greater flexibility with the integration of the HP-O Multi and the QUINDOS blade measurement portfolio. A compact, user-friendly interface shows QUINDOS as a customer-oriented application solution in a whole new light.

Built-in professional QUINDOS tools facilitate the implementation of innovative scan procedures at a breath-taking pace. QUINDOS guides the algorithms around the part, introducing a new evolutionary phase in metrology. This is also true for blisk measurement with QUINDOS, where the integrated HP-O Flex 90° sensor guarantees optimised measurement in terms of time, and the software package professionally handles data segmentation and profile evaluation.

QUINDOS is designed to provide the most comprehensive functionality in the basic version, be it parametric programming with or without CAD or designing customised user interfaces. It adapts and grows with customer requirements, giving direct access to all options in a part program without the need for additional interfaces.

“The new QUINDOS release further advances our leading role in innovative customer applications,” explains Karin Schneider, QUINDOS Product Manager at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. “QUINDOS is one of the best established and most flexible software packages in metrology today and continues in our tradition of integrating the newest technologies for our customers in synergy with our Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence partners.”

QUINDOS Release Version 7.12.16361 is now available for download.
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