Diversity and Inclusion

Creating a Diverse Workforce With an Inclusive Culture is Central to Our Vision For The Company and The World

At Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, we are in the business of potential. This doesn’t just apply to how our products impact the world; it’s about our employees too. We want to ensure each individual in our company fulfils their potential. It’s at the core of our professional development philosophy and practices: to help employees get to where they are going and be where they want to be.

Every individual’s career development is driven by their decisions, commitment, and merit as a member of our team. Our approach to diversity and inclusion aims to ensure that each employee is free to be their true and best self every day throughout their Hexagon career. 

Diversity is about understanding differences between individuals and embracing how our different backgrounds, experiences, and skills can contribute to a more productive and harmonious workplace. Diversity innovates thinking, ensuring that we don’t all think the same and can draw upon multiple perspectives. 
For us, inclusion involves creating a supportive working environment by removing barriers to participation and making employees feel valued and confident about their contribution.

All employees have a right to fair treatment and freedom from discrimination and harassment, regardless of sex or gender, religion or belief, age, marital status, pregnancy and maternity, sexuality, disability or medical status, and race (be that colour, nationality, or ethnicity). This is observed throughout the recruitment and selection process, each individual’s career development, and any other aspect of company management and operations.

We ensure our organisation is discrimination-free and promotes inclusion by:
  • Seeking diversity in the recruitment process
  • Recognising and acknowledging special holidays and events 
  • Offering intercultural awareness training to help enhance communications throughout our global teams
  • Creating disability-friendly workplaces
  • Guaranteeing that all voices are heard – every employee has the chance to contact the CEO with a question for each quarterly address
  • Actively promoting diversity within and outside the company as way to drive profitability and innovative thinking 
  • Considering flexible working and job-sharing requests sympathetically
  • Recognising and cultivating the differences and unique contributions of individuals while uniting all employees under the Hexagon voice