TubeInspect P16

Optical tube and wire measuring system for all tube lengths

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TubeInspect P16 considerably optimizes manufacturing processes, e.g. the setup of bending machines, and significantly reduces costs through shortened setup times. The follow-up of the successful TubeInspect basic model sets new standards in the measurement of midsize and long tubes and wires.

TubeInspect P16, a non-contact measuring system, merely requires that the tube to be measured is placed in an optical measuring cell. Sixteen high-resolution digital cameras with latest GigE technology accurately measure the tube’s geometry in a few seconds.

The tube does not need to be moved. The geometry is reported in an easily understandable way that is as sheath tolerance. The measuring range of TubeInspect P16 is 2,600 mm x 1,250 mm x 700 mm and this can be extended by repositioning the tube. TubeInspect P16 measures tubes with diameters ranging from 3 mm to 200 mm. Bends between 1° and 340° can also be measured easily. TubeInspect P16 has a newly added capability of measuring tubes with connected bends or with flexible parts.

TubeInspect P16 is also able to measure tubes with hose sections, shaped hoses, and hoses with fixtures or mounting attachments. Thus AICON extends the spectrum of optical measurement applications significantly. Tube measurements can be compared with a previously recorded sample part or with an imported CAD model.

TubeInspect P16 provides online corrections to bending machines

TubeInspect P16 may be directly linked to Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) bending machines. If tube measurements indicate that adjustments need to be made to the tube manufacturing process, corrections are directly transmitted to the bending machine via the CNC program. If no automatic transfer of correctional data is possible, the determined parameters (e.g. push, rotate and bend) are entered manually into the bending program. In either case the bending machine corrections will be made more quickly so that dimensionally correct tubes are produced with minimal waste. Machine set-up becomes predictable, and down time is drastically reduced.


Analisi di qualità elevata di tubi e tondini piegati con TubeInspect P16

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  • High-resolution digital cameras with latest GigE technology
  • Optimized camera positions for better capturing of piping geometries
  • Resistant, long-life and low-maintenance LED illumination technology
  • Highly precise and long-term stable 3D reference of glass components
  • Measuring system analysis with DKD-calibrated master tube
  • Fast results after only 5 - 20 seconds (depends on tube length)
  • User-independent results
  • Replaces mechanical gauges
  • Industrial-suited construction, applicable in production
  • Lateral doors applicable as support desk
  • Ergonomically optimized handling
  • Non-contact measurement, works without clamping devices
  • Suitable for all materials

Areas of Application

  • Setup and correction of bending machines
  • Control of serial production
  • Production of free-form geometries
  • Reverse engineering
  • Replacement of gauges
 Cameras  16 high-resolution digital cameras with GigE technology
 Measurement area  2,600 mm x 1,250 mm x 700 mm
 Max. tube length  For all tube lengths
 Tube diameter  3.0 mm - 200 mm
 Bending angle  1° - 340 °
 Minimum push between two bends  Bend in bend and free-form possible
 Software  BendingStudio
 Reference field  Three-dimensional glass reference
 Dimensions of system  2,980 mm x 1,640 mm x 2,300 mm
 Weight  Approx. 1,300 kg
 Accuracy  0.085 mm sheath tolerance (1σ)

Technical data are subject to change without notice.

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Proton Engineering measures bent tubes using AICON’s TubeInspect P16
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TubeInspect è una cella di misura all-in-one chiavi in mano sviluppata appositamente per il controllo qualità ad alta efficienza di tubi e tondini piegati.

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