Stampi e modelli

Processi produttivi rapidi e affidabili grazie alla produzione precisa di stampi e modelli

Fully Automated Robotic Cell for Integrated Quality Measurement

Isolit-Bravo was founded in 1921 at Jablonné  nad Orlicí near the Polish border as the first Bakelite mill in Bohemia. After the 1960s, the  rising popularity of plastic forced the company  to transform itself, changing its production,  buying new machines, and beginning to mould plastic parts.

Mould Complete with Measuring Protocol

Measuring workpieces on the machine has become standard practice at the Saxon milling service provider Hofmann & Engel. The possibility to log work directly on the machine has helped win several orders from mould making and single component manufacturers.

Omni-Stamp create moulds for plastic materials

VISI's Vital Role In High Profile Research Projects for Onni-Stamp

An Italian plastic mould-maker uses a portfolio of VISI CAD/CAM software modules to ensure it stays at the forefront of product development and research.

Unceasing Dedication to Product Quality

Tianjin Motor Dies Co. Ltd., founded in 1995, celebrated its twentieth anniversary in April 2015. Currently, Tianjin Motor Dies has more than ten plants in China and has even set up manufacturing facilities in Germany. The company, one of China's largest motor die manufacturers, has now begun to impact the global dies market in earnest.

Tutt’altro che un collo di bottiglia: La metrologia applicata agli stampi

Il Corvaglia Group, con sede a Eschlikon nella Svizzera orientale, fa dei colli di bottiglia il proprio business, nel vero senso della parola. L’azienda è specializzata nella fabbricazione di tappi e cappucci economici per bottiglie in plastica PET (polietilentereftalato).

Vantaggio Competitivo Per La Fonderia Grazie Al Sistema Tracker Di Leica Geosystems

Il sistema di misura portatile della Silbitz Guss è uno strumento versatile. È in grado di eseguire scansione, misura a contatto, tracciatura e collegamento automatico di Laser Tracker e dispositivi portatili. A tutto vantaggio dei clienti della Fonderia.

Cannot Do Without It

Ballerstedt, the renowned plastic-injection moulding company, uses probes and Form Inspect software from m&h when constructing their moulds. Mould inserts can now be made to fit accurately and to be easily replaceable. This shortens downtimes and increases productivity.

Eliminating the See-Saw

Innovation and customer benfit, these are the maxims that have established mould maker Hofmann of Lichtenfels enviable reputation. At Hofmann, measuring workpieces while still clamped on the machine has been an everyday occurrence for over seven years. Using touch probes and software from m&h, Hofmann has improved quality and reliability of the production process while speeding up the manufacturing cycle at the same time.

Enormous Time Gains

Measuring contours on the machine tool not only ensures quality but also considerably shortens set-up times and speeds up manufacturing cycles. A mould making and jobbing company reports its experiences using m&h 3D Form Inspect software and proves that quality assurance also reduces manufacturing time.

Five-Axis Parts in Series

The mould production of Color Metal produces mould inserts in an automated facility with a large pallet storage on five-axis machining centres by Grob. For this purpose, the tools are calibrated by an m&h laser and checked for tool breakage.

High Accuracy combined with Flexible Applications

At Jochum, a mould manufacturer, tool length measurements and blade fracture checks are performed on a removable Tool Setter by m&h, even in unmanned shifts. The Tool Setter communicates with the control via the same infrared receiver as the probe.

Lets Do A Quick Calibration

The contract manufacturer SHW Bearbeitungstechnik GmbH has equipped its machining and turning/milling machines with radio-wave touch probes by m&h and regularly calibrates the machine tables with it. That provides accuracy, and the probes save set-up times and allow for an accelerated and secure production of mostly large and complex cast parts.

Measuring for Clear Vision

An Italian manufacturer of injection moulds provides for clear vision in production through measuring workpieces while still clamped on the machining centres. This is achieved by using German m&h touch probes and software on Japanese machine tools.

More Speed and More Accuracy With Laser Tool Setters

For years, model and mould construction has been measuring using probes and software by m&h. Now tools are also measured in the machine using m&h laser tool setters – with significant improvements in manufacturing.

Ingegno e coraggio

In una partnership ideale le parti coinvolte traggono vantaggio le une dalle altre. E questo è ciò che si è ottenuto nella partnership tra Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, fornitore leader di soluzioni di metrologia e produzione, e Zimmer & Kreim GmbH & Co KG.

Tecnologia Di Misura Integrata Per La Massima Qualità

Una centrale elettrica in Europa, in funzione da molti anni o anche decenni. Un componente come il raccordo del tubo di un bruciatore è danneggiato e dev’essere sostituito al più presto possibile. Serve immediatamente una parte di ricambio perché i tempi di inattività hanno costi elevati. Schmehmann Rohrverformungstechnik GmbH ha la soluzione.

Absolute Partnership

Expanding the business is Metrolab’s every day focus. Its Managing Director Yogesh V. Amte worked in international automobile product and process design over the last past 12 years and tells us, “When creating Metrolab, we were looking for a strong, quality partner focused on innovation and with great local support to help us fulfil our vision”.

La Tecnologia IOT Incontra Hi-Precision

Zeno Tech è un gioiello che si trova in una zona idilliaca del distretto di Okayama, nel sud-est del Giappone. Fondata nel giugno del 1974 come reparto stampi della Xeno Tool Co., Ltd., la società è stata poi separata ed è divenuta indipendente nel 1991.

Precision in Partnership

In Hyderabad, India, EQIC is synonymous with the high-quality manufacturing of jigs, fixtures, gauges and press tools. The business owes part of its success to its early adoption of high-quality measurement technology, and is confident that an ongoing relationship with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence will be a key part of its future growth and success.

Dal Campionamento Alla Verifica Del 100%

Grazie ai processi di stampaggio a iniezione, i pezzi stampati in plastica possono essere prodotti in modo economico e in grandi quantità. La plastica fusa viene iniettata ad alta pressione nelle cavità dello stampo.

Automation, Innovation and High Precision Machining: a Mould-Maker Relies on WorkNC

A high-volume mould-maker for the French food processing industry says WorkNC, from Vero Software, is an “irreplaceable” asset to their production process. The software helped them to implement a completely automated workshop, freeing up time to take on new projects.

Edgecam’s Waveform “The Only Way To Successfully Cut For Certain Complex Aerospace Applications”

A cutting tool developer partners with Edgecam software to ensure its philosophy of taking customers’ machining challenges off their hands, is always successful.

WorkPLAN Controls 2,000 Projects for Metra

The WorkPLAN ERP solution from Vero Software ensures staff at a precision machining, tooling and mold company are fully aware of workshop costs, by monitoring around 2,000 separate projects annually.


La conferenza internazionale annuale Hexagon, HxGN LIVE, offre presentazioni stimolanti, illimitate possibilità di contatto e tecnologie imperdibili.

Stampi e Modelli

Processi produttivi rapidi e affidabili grazie alla produzione precisa di stampi e modelli


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