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Applicazioni metrologiche speciali, uniche e curiose nella produzione industriale e in altri campi.

Sistema di misura per la produzione di segmenti di specchio per l’Extremely Large Telescope ESO alla Safran Reosc

Un sistema di misura personalizzato installato alla Safran Reosc di Poitiers consente di misurare con precisione i segmenti degli specchi dei telescopi

The ATS600 positioned at the RATAN-600 radio telescope in Zelenchukskaya, Russia

Allineamento e verifica del più grande radiotelescopio al mondo

Il RATAN-600 (acronimo di "Academy of Sciences Radio Telescope - 600") è un radiotelescopio che si trova a Zelenchukskaya nella Repubblica di Karachay-Cherkess in Russia. Installato a un’altitudine di 970 metri è composto da un cerchio di 576 metri di diametro con 895 riflettori radio rettangolari e un insieme di riflettori e ricevitori secondari. Il RATAN-600 è gestito dall’Accademia Russa delle Scienze.

The ATS600 at BTA in Russia

Correzione della posizione di un telescopio ottico d'alta quota

Il Telescopio Azimutale di grandi dimensioni (BTA) è un telescopio ottico con uno specchio monolitico principale di 6 metri di diametro, il più grande in Eurasia. Questo telescopio a riflettore è installato nello Special Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) in Karachay-Circassia (villaggio di Nizhny Arkhyz, distretto di Zelenchuksky), a un'altitudine di 2.070 metri.

3D train car inspection in the field

Alstom develops and markets mobility solutions that provide the sustainable foundations for the future of transportation. Alstom’s product portfolio ranges from high-speed trains, metros, monorails and trams to integrated systems, customised services, infrastructure, signalling and digital mobility solutions.

Developing new numerical tools to boost the application of digital twins

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland is one of Switzerland’s leading universities of applied sciences and arts. Its broad range of degree programmes, hands-on teaching concept, innovative and applicationoriented research and global network make FHNW a diversified and appealing educational institution, a soughtafter partner to industry and an attractive employer in northwestern Switzerland.

"Learning by doing" with simple and precise tools

The Gorge de Loup (GDL) apprenticeship workshop was created in 1949 on the initiative of Père Neyret, then head of the Boisard Production Schools. This private, non-contractual technical training establishment with free tuition is located in the centre of Lyon and trains young people from the age of 15 in the trades of production mechanics: turning, milling, fitting and numerical control.

Simulating Assemblies: “Valuable Function” for Nuclear AMRC

Being able to import completed NX assemblies into G-Code simulation software is proving to be a valuable time-saver for the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.


Conquistare Medaglie Olimpiche con gli Absolute Scanner Leica LAS e LAS-XL

Da sempre la vela e la canoa sono tra gli sport che hanno regalato alla Spagna il maggior numero di medaglie olimpiche. Per conquistare grandi successi sportivi servono ottimi atleti, ma occorrono anche approfondite ricerche per migliorare i risultati. 

ALPHACAM Ensures GB Kent’s Brush With Success

A company widely recognised as the world’s finest brush manufacturer produces its handles on a custom-built CNC machine tool, which is one of only two in the world, and programmed by ALPHACAM software. 

Coming Together for Greater Accuracy

Scanditronix Magnet AB in Vislanda, Sweden produces specialised coils and magnets with the highest accuracy and reliability. In the company’s large modern premises, approximately 30 employees develop and manufacture electromagnets for particle accelerators. 


Visualise This! Design and Inspection Go Hand-in-Hand

Visual thinkers have always stoked the flames of invention. John Pawloski of Jewelers Machinists Co. Inc. (North Babylon, NY) comes from a long line of illustrious inventors.  A distant grandfather was issued the 80thpatent in the United States signed by President Andrew Jackson (see patent).

Sensor Solutions for Increased Measuring Accuracy and Flexibility

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH is one of the world’s leading companies in the home appliances sector. The company’s aim is to improve the quality of life and the consumer is at the center of all of BSH’s developments. In user experience labs set up specifically for this purpose, BSH repeatedly puts prototypes - in all phases of development - and finished products through their paces in real-life conditions.

Alphacam Programs UK’s Only Pro Evolution 5-Axis Twin Head Machine for ercol

After taking their first steps in 5-axis machining, a high-end, top quality furniture manufacturer quickly realised it was their best way forward, and also invested in a machine with two 5-axis heads, which is the first one of its kind in the UK.

Alphacam “Provides The Line Of Least Resistance” For Solid Timber Specialist, Woodbase Joiners

The combination of Alphacam’s parametric function and its ability to drive 5-axis routers is the way forward for a company focusing on high end solid timber joinery.

Trifibre’s “Jigsaw” Nests In Alphacam Aid Bottom Line

It was an open and shut case when Leicester-based Trifibre were looking for CAD/CAM software to drive their new CNC router. They chose Alphacam. And now, around five years later, it programs their Biesse Rover, a Morbidelli, and their original small Pacer.

Cabinet Vision Nesting And Labelling Helps Double Crown Output In Six Months

“Cabinet Vision’s nesting function is as important to us as the electricity supply in our workshop.” Those are the words of Jake Gregory, Business Development Manager at Burnley-based Crown Cabinets Ltd.

Alphacam Macros Provide A Step Up For Stairplan

Purpose-written macros in Alphacam software have slashed programming time of bespoke projects from a day down to an hour, for a staircase specialist.    

Joinery Company Finds Horizontal Routing Niche With Alphacam

A joinery company has developed a specialist subcontract horizontal routing service on doors and door linings for property developers, architects and builders.


Measurement and Assembly of Two Large Telescopes in the Arctic Circle

The advanced technology of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is playing a vital role in an ambitious and innovative project being completed in northern Norway. Asturfeito, a Hexagon customer in Spain for over five years, leads the project, which involves the installation of two large 13.5-metre diameter radio telescopes that will observe the universe around us from an isolated location within the Arctic Circle. The measurement and later assembly for this project has utilised the advanced technology of a Leica Absolute Tracker AT402.

Matthew Marsden's Error-Free and Speedy Process with Cabinet Vision

“Cabinet Vision speeds up our process and has completely eliminated errors from it.”

Those are the words of Matthew Marsden, whose company, Matthew Marsden Furniture, only began using the software in 2016, and quickly became advanced users at a high level. 

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Portable Metrology Helps Ensure Safety and Fairness at the Tour de France

Rapid, Accurate Frame Validation Made Possible with ROMER Bike Measurement System.

Base clamp

Edgecam Makes Food Industry Scrolling Kits A Piece Of Cake

A long-established Newbury-based engineering subcontractor has invested in a DMC machining centre and Edgecam software in order to win long-term new business from a food company. Engineering Solutions & Supply Ltd were asked to manufacture complete kits of tooling to ensure that glass jars were in the right position at the right time on a conveyor system, to be filled with food products. It included feed scrolls and the associated base plates, base clamps, star heels and centre guides.


Sotto pressione: Stein-Moser mette a punto i sistemi da taglio a idrogetto con il Laser Tracker

La qualità è tutto alla Stein-Moser, produttore di macchine da taglio a getto d’acqua. È per questo che viene impiegato un efficiente Leica Absolute Tracker per montare e verificare le macchine.


The ROMER Absolute Arm Measuring Device Ensures the Highest Quality of Modern Trams

Solaris - an ambassador of the Polish industry and its unquestionable symbol, a pioneer in its industry, currently recognised by millions of Poles who use public transport services, the manufacturer of state-of-the-art buses and trolleybuses, quite recently also invested in the manufacturing of trams. Solaris buses are known not only in Poland, but also in 24 European countries and in the United Arab Emirates. The Solaris logo, a green dachshund, represents the key features of their products: length, low floor and environmentally friendly characteristics. The ROMER Absolute Arm, a measuring machine from Hexagon Metrology, guarantees the highest quality of Solaris tram components.

Retro But Fit

How can existing machines be kept up to current standards against the background of increasing quality assurance requirements? The solution is a retrofit. Thöni Manufacturing GmbH shows you how. Almost two decades old, its coordinate measuring machine recently made the grade on an improvement course thanks to a modernisation package from Hexagon Metrology.


Lifelong Absolute Accuracy For Industrial Robots

High speed tracking is one of the most stringent requirements for robot control, machine guidance and Metrology Assisted Assembly. Robot calibration, accuracy improvement of drilling machines or automation of wingto-body assembly are just some examples of machine control applications of Leica Laser Trackers.

Macchine di misura a coordinate garantiscono forma e funzionalità della moderna rubinetteria domestica

In Turchia ci si rilassa nell‘Hammam. I giapponesi si rinfrescano nell‘Ofuro. Nelle riviste di arredamento è considerato sempre più un‘oasi di benessere: è del bagno che stiamo parlando. Da oltre 100 anni la Hansgrohe AG ( produce e distribuisce in tutto il mondo la componentistica per la rubinetteria domestica. 

Collaudo automatico del mezzo di trasporto preferito dai pendolari

I proprietari di una Brompton non posseggono semplicemente una bicicletta. Posseggono un prodotto che grazie ai suoi sviluppi e alle sue innovazioni è costruito per durare a lungo. La possibilità di piegare la bicicletta in un’unità compatta che si può portare con sè sui mezzi pubblici, rappresenta la caratteristica fondamentale del progetto. With their commitment to excellence and the high quality expected by its customers the company has decided that now is the right time to invest in twenty first century measurement equipment in the form of a DEA GLOBAL Performance coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

Senza Burr, la prima volta

Lo stabilimento Vorwerk veri ca gli inserti e le parti mobili degli stampi quando ancora sono staffati in macchina, utilizzando i tastatori m&h e il software 3D Form Inspect. Uno stampo costruito in questo modo, con due serie di dieci slitte, si è rivelato senza bave per la prima volta ed è stato omologato per la produzione in grande serie già dopo il primo pezzo campione.


Qualità economica a 360°

Implementando una licenza server per il software di misura m&h, Geberit ha standardizzato l’attrezzatura software di tre stabilimenti in due nazioni ed ha pertanto reso disponibile la stessa gamma di funzioni a tutte le persone interessate. Gli obiettivi erano armonizzare ulteriormente le attrezzature produttive in tutti gli stabilimenti, migliorare l’utilizzo delle licenze all’interno del gruppo e ridurre così le spese di manutenzione.

High-precision inspection for the European Extremely Large Telescope E-ELT

The race is on for who will manufacture 1,000 mirrors for the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT). Cranfield University in the UK has begun work on producing seven of the mirror segments for ‘the world’s biggest eye on the sky’ with the aid of high accuracy measurement systems from Hexagon Metrology. Built by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) the E-ELT, a ground-based telescope, will be 42m in diameter and made up of 1,000 hexagonal segments, each 1.5m wide and just 5cm thick. The E-ELT is four to five times larger and will gather 15 times more light than the largest optical telescopes operating today.

Manutenzione di impianti industriali

Dall’originale e pionieristico LTD-500 fino ai moderni e compatti Laser Tracker AT401 di Hexagon Metrology, uniti alla grande esperienza nella misura dimensionale avanzata acquisita nel corso di 14 anni di storia, la Tecnimex do Brasil è divenuta uno dei principali riferimenti nella fornitura di servizi di metrologia tridimensionale portatile in America Latina.

Fornitore di fiducia dell’Istituto Nazionale di Misura del Regno Unito e della maggiore organizzazione nazionale britannica di fisica applicata.

Fondato a cavallo del Novecento, il National Physical Laboratory (NPL), è stato in prima linea di alcune delle più importanti scoperte scientifiche, tra cui lo sviluppo del radar e di ACE (Automatic Computer Engine). Illustri ricercatori come Louis Essen, l’inventore dell’orologio atomico, e Alan Turing, pioniere dell’informatica e decrittatore della macchina Enigma, hanno dedicato parte della loro carriera a progetti dell’NPL.

Portable Measuring Arm Helps Krayer GmbH Comply With ISO9001 Standards

The picturesque Lake Constance, located near the rim of the Alpine region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is home to Krayer GmbH, a middle-sized company of about 50 employees specializing in the production of 3D forming parts. The company has a rich history, dating back to 1884, when Franz-Joseph Krayer founded a modest fabrication shop in the lakeside town of Langenargen. The business has weathered two world wars and the turbulent hyper-inflation times in-between, only to see its pressing equipment completely confiscated by the allied occupying forces right after the end of WWII. However, the company rose from the ashes and expanded, quickly making up the losses.