PC-DMIS: Collaborate

Easily communicate findings with other departments and collaborate on decisions

Fast issue resolution requires actionable reports, delivered to the right workgroups, in the right format. With customisable reports, cloud-based notifications and mobile alerts, PC-DMIS delivers easily interpreted measurement results to create a closed-loop quality information exchange with design and production.

  • Report customisation
  • Contextual reporting
  • Mobile app networking
  • Environmental Alerts
  • Cloud based mobile notifications
Tailor measurement results to your customer
Whether it is the operator needing to see whether all results are green or if some limits have been exceeded, or the supervisor who will need details to make informed process decisions, SlideShow provides the right level and format of information in an attractive and interpretable way that makes process adjustment decisions easy.

Access statistical data from other software

For those customers who already use qs-STAT, charts are automatically available with a simple command added to the PC-DMIS measurement routine.

Custom reporting
Actionable information is the deliverable of metrology. Reporting is the organisation of measured data into an actionable format. We enable actionable information in a simple, intuitive, and pleasing way that anyone can master quickly and easily. Dragging and dropping objects from the routine ‘tree view’ onto your report makes getting the information you need simpler than ever. The Custom Report tools focuses on enabling decision makers to do their job, while we take care of providing them what they need to do it.


PC-DMIS Blade semplifica la creazione dei programmi di misura di palette di turbina. Questo software, sviluppato in collaborazione con vari produttori, è una soluzione chiavi in mano per la scansione analogica di sezioni di palette di turbina. PC-DMIS Blade possiede un’interfaccia facile da usare che permette agli utenti di identificare rapidamente i pezzi, scegliere le sezioni da misurare e avviare sequenze di scansione.


Protect uses the permissions given to PC-DMIS users to control access to measurement routines and track modifications to these ‘protected’ files.


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Che cos'è PC-DMIS?

A supporto di sistemi che vanno dalle CMM ai bracci di misura portatili e ai laser tracker, PC-DMIS rappresenta una soluzione software di misura per i professionisti nel...

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PC-DMIS: Create

PC-DMIS enables quality engineers and metrology specialists to create sophisticated measurement routines before the part exists and without occupying the CMM.

PC-DMIS: Execute

Through a simplified shop-floor user interface in PC-DMIS, machine operators can quickly select and execute the right routine for any metrology equipment.