Large-Volume Measurement with Portable Measuring Arms

Extend the Reach of Your Portable Measuring Arm

With our measurement volume expansion kits, the Absolute Arm’s reach can now exceed its grasp. From the simplicity of the Leap Frog Kit to the more rigorous GridLOK system, if you have large-volume parts to measure accurately and reliably, the Absolute Arm has a solution.

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Accessories for Portable Measuring Arm Catalogue

Absolute Arm a 7 assi

L'Absolute Arm a 7 assi, il prodotto più prestigioso della gamma Absolute Arm, fornisce misura a contatto e scansione laser in un pacchetto straordinariamente...

Absolute Arm a 6 assi

L’Absolute Arm a 6 assi è uno strumento di misura a contatto capace anche di scansione 3D di base.