Photogrammetry solutions from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence offer speed and flexibility across a wide range of measurement-related applications in industrial production. From testing, inspection and positioning tasks to deformation analysis and tracking applications, our camera-based 3D optical metrology systems deliver unmatched high-speed geometric data collection.

DPA Industrial

Incentrato sul robusto alloggiamento della C1 Camera, DPA Industrial è un sistema di fotogrammetria di alta gamma realizzato con caratteristiche di resilienza e di...

DPA Professional

DPA Professional è un sistema di fotogrammetria basato su di una fotocamera digitale manuale che permette il controllo e il monitoraggio della produzione sul posto.

DPA Entry

DPA Entry consente di eseguire misure semplici in ambienti produttivi mediamente gravosi sfruttando tutte le potenzialità dell’analisi fotogrammetrica digitale.

AICON MoveInspect XR8

AICON MoveInspect XR8 supports highly precise inspection, tracking and positioning applications in industrial and shop-floor environments.  The camera-based portable...

AICON MoveInspect HF4

The optical portable coordinate measuring machine AICON MoveInspect HF4 captures dynamic processes such as movement or deformation three-dimensionally and analyses them...


The AICON TubeInspect measuring systems are specially designed for contact-free 3D measurement of formed tubes and wires in reverse engineering and serial production. 

Vehicle Testing

Crash vehicle measurement, online 3D dummy positioning, non-contact high-speed monitoring of wheel and engine motion – the range of applications is broad.