Aero Engine

Design and Engineering, Production and Inspection Solutions to Help Reduce Production Cycle Times in Aircraft Engine Manufacturing

As demand for air travel grows and thousands of new engines are ordered every year, aircraft engine manufacturers are increasingly focused on high-volume manufacturing.

With an engine carrying more than 3000 components, hundreds of thousands of parts must be designed, produced, measured and assembled to support program ramp-up. These include many complex geometric components such as compressor and turbine blades, blisks, vanes, casings and gears where Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s has developed advanced production capabilities.

Hexagon’s solutions for aircraft engineers include structural, acoustic, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tools that provide accurate test environments to optimise designs and processes, and save costs down the line. We also offer unique coupled thermo-structural simulation, bringing the digital twin even closer to the real world.

Our production software solutions support all kinds of production simulation and CNC machining techniques to optimise the tool paths and produce quality-controlled parts faster.

To help aero engine manufacturers reduce production cycle times and overall cost, Hexagon has helped pioneer the move towards in-line, shop-floor and automated tactile and non-contact metrology for engine component measurement.

Using our statistical process control (SPC) toolset offers aero engine manufacturers options for continuous process monitoring and optimisation. Engine producers also now have the option to use Hexagon technology in real-time feedback loops for tool path optimisation right at the point of production.

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