Speciális geometria

Speciális méréstechnikák támogatják az összetett geometriájú, különleges alapanyagú, illetve egyedi alkalmazásokhoz készülő alkatrészek gyártását.

Bringing speed and accuracy to metal stamped automotive parts

These are exciting times for automotive manufacturers. The industry is facing transformational change and the strategic decisions that manufacturers make today will decide which companies will be the leaders of the future.

High-precision measurement of knee implants

For people with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other similar conditions, a knee implant can be life-changing. These conditions can affect mental and physical health and disrupt everyday tasks, but a knee implant can significantly reduce a patient’s pain and increase their mobility for decades. High accuracy inspection is required to ensure the safety and performance of these medical devices. But with increasing demand for greater efficiency and cost-reduction, it is now also important for manufacturers to drive speed and throughput in the measurement of knee implants.

Dental implant components

Completely documented 100% inspection of prefabricated abutment blanks

High-precision measurement of smartphone lens barrels

The lens barrel plays an important role in the effectiveness of a smartphone’s camera. Accurate measurement of the part is important to ensure that consumer electronics customers’ expectations are met. 

High precision inspection of smartphone camera plastic lenses

In today’s consumer electronics market, customers would consider a smartphone without a camera incomplete. Camera lenses are of course vital to the performance of this feature, but there are a number of challenges when it comes to ensuring the quality of these small plastic parts. The Leitz PMM Gold CMM combines high accuracy and multisensor capability to provide the ideal solution.

High accuracy measurement of mould assemblies for precision plastic lenses

Plastic lenses are ubiquitous in the smartphone market, providing durability and affordability compared to glass. To produce lenses of the quality demanded by today’s consumers, manufacturers need to ensure that mould assemblies for production of these parts fit perfectly.


Csavarkompresszorok nagypontosságú ellenőrzése

A csavarkompresszorokat széles körben alkalmazzák sűrített gázok létrehozására, amelyek világszerte számos nagy ipari művelet hajtóközegei. Emiatt folyamatosan nagy rájuk az igény. Tekintve, hogy némely alkatrészeiket nagyon szoros profiltűréssel kell készíteni, a termelékenységet növelni igyekvő csavarkompresszor-gyártók nem mondhatnak le a pontosságról. 

Optimising Medical Tool Inspection

Medical device manufacturers often require quality checks of dimensional characteristics on parts having different materials that require non-contact measurement. Whether they are inspecting a part created in-house or trying to validate parts from a supplier, manufacturers require a flexible solution that will allow them to measure all kinds of complex features.

Efficient Inspection of Screw Compressor Parts

As one of the most widely used air compressor models on the market, screw compressors are in high demand. With tight tolerances, these parts require an inspection solution that delivers both high accuracy and the fastest possible scanning speeds for maximised throughput.

Quality Assurance of Orthopaedic Implants

The development dynamic of the medical industry is nearly without parallel in any other industry. New materials, production methods, and optimised designs drive innovation in orthopaedic implants for hips, knees and the spinal column. These products are characterised by high geometric accuracy and surface quality, long service life and biocompatibility.


Elektronikai alkatrészek minőségbiztosítása

A csatlakozókeretek az elektrotechnikai alkalmazások fontos funkcionális elemei. Ezeket progresszív kompozit-technológia alkalmazásával, folyamatos anyagszalagokból kivágva, többlépcsős eljárásban fém-műanyag kompozit alkatrészekké dolgozzák fel. A csatlakozókeretek rendkívül finom háló- és horonyszélességekkel alakíthatók ki a felületszerelt (SMD) elektronikai alkatrészekkel történő automatikus összeszereléshez.

Premier Class Calibration

Gauges and master parts must be calibrated on a regular basis in order to be used efficiently. The continuing return to national standards is a guarantee for reliable, standard compliant and reproducible measurement results within every manufacturing company. The high-accuracy Leitz Infinity and Leitz Ultra coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) provide the ideal bases for these highly-complex measuring tasks.

Contactless Measurement of Large Lenses

Lenses are precision components, where the smallest deviation from the target geometry results in a change in quality. Quality control can only accompany production if a high-accuracy measuring centre such as the Leitz PMM-Xi from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is used, particularly with large lenses with a diameter greater than 200 mm.