Erőátviteli rendszerek

Ellenőrző eljárások erőátviteli rendszerek és sebességváltók nagy pontosságú, összetett alkatrészeihez a mérhető hatékonyság ösztönzése érdekében a gyárban és az utakon is.

Precision Measurement for High-Performance Components

Components of the powertrain – the drive section – are subject to very stringent production requirements. The tolerances are tight and only allow deviations in the micron range. This is required for optimum use of these high performance components. The precision with which engine blocks and shafts are made, for example, is applied again to an even greater degree in quality assurance. The coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) of the Leitz PMM-C line from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence enable measurement with the required high level of accuracy.

Non Contact Measurement of Clutch Components

Basket clutches are commonly used in automatic or manual gearboxes for cars, trucks and motorcycles, as well as hybrid electric vehicles and even some battery electric vehicles. An evolution of the original clutch, the basket clutch introduced multiple friction plates rather than only one between the flywheel and the spring-loaded pressure plate, allowing for greater power transmission and therefore meeting the demands of newer, more powerful engines. The fine tolerances demanded of these modern basket clutch systems demand equally fine metrology capabilities, which have traditionally been a bottleneck in gearbox production.

Non-Contact Measurement of Cams and Cam Segments

The use of variable valve timing (VVT) technology for increasing power and reducing emissions in internal combustion engines has brought with it a step-change in cam manufacturing. Traditional one-piece camshafts, which have been in service since the earliest internal combustion engine designs, have been superseded by shaft and segment assemblies. 

Efficient Engine Block Measurement

Engine block measurement requires a highprecision measuring system, which is why a Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Leitz PMM-Xi and the HP-S-X5 HD fixed sensor system are commonly used for this task. If the measurement processes are to be accelerated, a rotating-indexing joint can be used to save valuable measuring time. The SENMATION sensor interface offers the option of viewing the measuring task from a variety of different perspectives.