Propeller-, turbina- és rotor-lapátok gyártását, mérését és karbantartását támogató megoldások ipari alkalmazások teljes köréhez

Nagysebességű lapátmérés

A technológiai fejlődés lehetővé teszi a nagyobb átviteli sebesség és a pontosság egyidejű kiválasztását a ventilátorés a turbinalapátok mérésekor.

Accelerated Turbine Blade Measurement

Highly complex and time-sensitive manufacture of turbine blades requires fast measurement directly within the manufacturing process. Time-optimised blade measurement can be carried out with the Leitz SIRIO BX from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence in the manufacturing environment.

High Throughput Aeroengine Blade Measurement Solution

Today, manufactured parts are required to be produced faster and with tighter tolerances. In particular, the aerospace market looks to increase the amount of high-performance engines produced and offer significant fuel efficiency improvements. Current measurement methods used to control the manufacturing process and validate finished blades can cause bottlenecks and delay output of these new engines. The GLOBAL S HTA answers the needs of jet engine manufacturers seeking measurement technologies that reduce cycle times by 60% compared to current contact scanning machines, and provides a richer measurement data set.

Quality Assurance of Turbine Blades

The functional properties of turbine blades are multifaceted. A curved surface gives them aerodynamic properties, and specially shaped cooling holes ensure their thermal stability.