Software for Multisensor & Optical Systems

The quality of your products is best demonstrated with our software for optical and multisensor measuring systems. It reliably shows whether the parts are in tolerance. The proven PC-DMIS measuring program also provides the necessary in this case: as part of this software family, PC-DMIS Vision is specially designed for usage in combination with optical and multisensor measuring systems. The software integrates CAD directly into the measuring process. As a result the user can work on the 3D CAD model and develop, test and edit programs for the optical and multisensor measurement.


PC-DMIS vision CMM-ek számára

Ha olyan alakzatok mérésére van szükség, amihez más szenzorok nem férnek hozzá, akkor a PC-DMIS segítségével az optikai rendszerek 2D megközelítést is tudnak alkalmazni 3D-ben.