m&h rádióhullámú tapintórendszerek

Az m&h rádióhullámú technológiát alkalmazó szenzorok kapcsoló típusú tapintó mérőfejek. A munkadarab felületéhez érve a tapintóhegy elhajlik, és a kapcsolási jelzés rádióhullámok segítségével kerül továbbításra a fogadó egységhez. A rádióhullámokat a fogadó egység a vezérlés számára küldött elektromos jellé alakítja át.

m&h Radio-wave Touch Probe RWP20.50

m&h RWP20.50 radio-wave touch probes are available in two different frequency ranges. As a technology pioneer, m&h long ago introduced the first reliably functioning probe with radio-wave transmission of the measurement signals onto the market.

m&h RWP20.50-TP Temperature Probe

Ideal for use on large machining centres and 5-axis machines, the m&h RWP20.50-TP temperature probe enables highly reliable part temperature measurement both before and during machining to assure production quality.

RWP20.50-G-HPP Radio-Wave Touch Probe

The RWP20.50-G-HPP is Hexagon’s most accurate on-machine touch probe. It deploys laser-triangulation to achieve extremely high repeatability, low pre-travel variation and low 3D form error.

RWP20.50-G-UTP Ultrasonic Measurement Solution

The RWP20.50-G-UTP ultrasonic touch probe makes it simple to automatically measure the thickness of the walls of larger parts directly on the machine tool, resulting in significantly faster inspections and enhanced data capture.

m&h Radio-wave Touch Probe RWP38.41

The compact radio-wave touch probe RWP38.41 has been developed for machines requiring signal transmission across greater distances where infrared transmission is not sufficient.

RWR95.51 Radio-Wave Receiver

The RWR95.51 radio-wave receiver communicates with radio-wave touch probes in the 2.4 GHz range and can be easily mounted in the machine room.

m&h RC-R-100 Radio receiver

The radio receiver m&h RC-R-100 communicates with radio-wave touch probes in the 2.4 GHz range and can be easily mounted in the machine room.

m&h Radio-wave Tool Setter RWT35.50

The Radio-wave Tool Setter RWT35.50 for vertical lathes, large milling machines and machining centers enables variable positioning of the tool setter, to fit the task at hand.

m&h Radio-wave Receiver RWR95.40

The compact radio-wave receiver RWR95.40 communicates with all m&h radio-wave probes, including the temperature probe. It is sealed to IP68 and can be mounted anywhere in the machining area with ease.