Mécanique générale

Découvrez comment nos solutions interviennent jour pour jour dans les processus de fabrication de mécanique générale.

Radan Means Ups, And No Downs, For Lift Component Manufacturing

Radan CAD/CAM software ensures the design and production process of a lift component manufacturer only has ups…and no downs.


Dynamique des fluides

Fondée en 2002, 3B FLUID POWER SRL a débuté comme prestataire d’inspections principalement focalisé sur les composants aérodynamiques. L’entreprise a progressivement investi d’autres secteurs et opère aujourd’hui aussi dans le domaine de l’agriculture, de l’aérospatiale, ainsi que de la construction automobile. Les produits fabriqués sur le site de Novellara, en Italie, sont principalement des unités de commande hydrauliques en fonte ou en aluminium, mais 3B FLUID POWER réalise aussi des pièces en matière synthétique, telles que des filtres à huile.

Simply Reliable

Large turning/milling centres with a large number of machine components are the metier of Weingärtner Maschinenbau. Radio-wave touch probes from m&h check the accuracy of the machining operations.

Scanning Probe

Measurement Strategy For Countering The Burden of Time

When it comes to complex gear measurement, slow processes and high programming expenditure can eat away at your patience and efficiency.

Alphacam Automation Saves Hours of Programming Time

A leading manufacturer of point of sale and display equipment is looking to expand its range of CNC machining capabilities, and says Alphacam Advanced Router, from Vero Software, is integral to its plans.

D‘une machine a l‘autre

« La première fois est toujours la plus dure. » Cette affirmation semble particulièrement juste lorsque l’on commence à utiliser un système de mesure automatisé. Mais l’important, c’est d’avoir un partenaire compétent et un système de mesure facile d’emploi. Avec Hexagon Metrology et la machine à mesurer TIGO SF, le fabricant de pièces en sous-traitance Köppel AG, de Berneck, Suisse, dispose des deux.

Gear Manufacturer by Tradition

Experience, specialisation, product customisation – these are the three mainstays of BP Riduttori, a family-owned company based in the province of Venice. A small company but one with great technical expertise, for years many renowned companies in the transport, railway and pharmaceutical industries have relied on BP Riduttori to supply a vast array of gears and gear teeth.

High Precision Stroke for Stroke

Leaving a lasting impression, and imprint, across multiple industries is the goal of BRUDERER AG in Frasnacht, Switzerland. The Leitz PMM-G Coordinate Measuring Machine supports the machine building company with high-precision measurements at automatic stamping presses manufactured with a high degree of precision.

How To Start Serial Production Safely

For the companies in the Eindhoven region in Holland it goes without saying that they have their own clean room. That also applies to Mevi, a company specialising in processes, prototype and test series. For its quality assurance, the family-owned company swears by its Leitz PMM-C 8.10.6 made by Hexagon Metrology.

Meeting the Tightest Sealing Requirements is Top Priority

Creating the best quality products with a perfect seal is the goal of valve manufacturer müller co-ax ag in Forchtenberg, Germany. When the company developed its Quadax® butterfly valves for the regulation and control of different media in the most extreme applications, it needed a new and highly-accurate co-ordinate measuring machine. Installation of the DEA Global Advantage 20.33.15 from Hexagon Metrology has helped the company to reach its goals.

Les essentiels sont la fiabilité du processus et la qualité

Dans les propres affûteuses du fabricant d’outils Paul Horn à Tübingen, mesurer dans la machine pendant l’usinage est une fonction clé de la précision et de l’efficacité du processus automatisé. Les palpeurs de production 41.00-PP de m&h résistent sans rechigner à des douches permanentes d’émulsion et à des arrosages d’abrasifs d’affûtage.

3D Model of Costa Coffee Machine

Radan Nests And Bending “Vital” For KMF

Manufacturing components for such diverse products as premium class aircraft seating, coffee vending machines and electrical distribution boards, the UK’s largest sheetmetal subcontractor says specialist CAM software is vital to nest a range of parts for several customers on the same sheet.

Faist Mekatronic -- Romania

Fabrication Polyvalente

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence aide le fabricant de composants a repondre aux exigences variees de ses clients

Radbend Begins And Ends Radan Returners Process

Laser cutting on a fully automated Bystronic Fiber 3kw machine driven by Radan, now takes precedence over punching, for a leading manufacturer of sheet metal welfare units for construction site and road workers.

Radan Lights The Way For V & F's Multi Bend Tooling

Radan, the powerful CAD/CAM software for sheet metal applications, is lighting the way for an engineering subcontractor to carry out small bends as part of the cutting process on their punch press. V & F Sheet Metal Co. Ltd. manufacture millions of components every year – a number of which involve small bends that can be handled with multi-bend tooling installed on a Trumpf 3000R and programmed with Radan.

De Meilleures Conserves Grâce À De Meilleures Données

KarT sp. z o.o. a été fondée par Włodzimierz Kardasz en 1983 dans le but d’offrir des services de métallerie aux entrepreneurs régionaux. Au fil des années, l’engagement du chef d’entreprise et le professionnalisme du personnel ont établi cette société comme un fournisseur fiable à recommander.

Measurement at the Cutting Edge

When it comes to high-precision measurement in a three-shift operation, slow processes and laborious conventional measuring technology can strain patience, effectiveness and efficiency. With a quantum leap in measuring technology, the traditional Swabian company Stihl has now significantly accelerated the quality testing of crankshafts and connecting rods at their main factory in Waiblingen, Germany.

Métrologie de Pointe Pour Excellence Industrielle

Référence sur le marché Français en tôlerie & chaudronnerie fine, expert du travail de l’aluminium, de l’acier galvanisé et de l’inox, le Groupe Poncin Metal offre une large palette de services et de solutions, du prototypage à la grande série.

Les Atouts Métrologiques pour L'Usinage de Précision

La société MPEB appartient au groupe LLEDO Industries, et se positionne, depuis 1989, dans l’usinage de précision de pièces et d’équipements mécaniques notamment dans les secteurs d’activité tels que l’aéronautique, le nucléaire, l’industrie optique, médicale ou microélectronique. 

Partenariat en Qualité Durable

Velan est l’un des plus importants fabricants de robinetterie industrielle au monde, et est reconnue comme un porte-étendard en matière de qualité et d’innovation. Fondée en 1950, elle continue de miser sur ses capacités techniques et d’innovation de pointe pour concevoir des appareils ultra robustes qui satisfont aux exigences critiques dans les secteurs de la production d’énergie, des produits chimiques et pétrochimiques, du pétrole et du gaz, des pâtes et papiers, des mines, de la cryogénie et de la construction maritime.

Tooled for Success

Spanish firm benefits from high accuracy, increase in productivity and reduction in mould and die manufacturing times

La Forme, C'est Tout ce Qui Compte

À l’occasion du transfert de la fabrication de tubes à un nouveau site, un spécialiste mondial de l’hydraulique a choisi comme solution parfaite le système d’inspection de tubes de Hexagon

A Highly Efficient Metrology Team

To run efficiently, machines require optimised throughput times and freedom from bottlenecks. As a part of quality assurance, this means optimising setup and measuring times and, in particular, reducing the programming time for measuring programs which enable the 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to operate as efficiently.

Greenfield Shows Radan Power to Tomorrow’s Engineers

Specialist CAD/CAM and logistics software from Radan is helping the largest sheet metal subcontractor in the South West of England to compete effectively with manufacturers in Eastern Europe and the Far East.

Radan Intelligent Nesting Vital For Norlec

One of the UK’s largest sheet metal subcontractors says the Project Nesting function in the world’s most powerful sheet metal CAD/CAM software, Radan, is essential for keeping the company competitive.

Radmax from Vero Software

Radan “A Springboard” For 5-Axis Laser Pioneers’ Development Plans

The only sheetmetal subcontractor in the Irish Republic to offer 5-axis laser cutting, is using Radan’s specialist Radm-ax module as a springboard to becoming more design-focused.

Paving the Way to Repeatability and Accuracy

Every gear manufacturing company welcomes growth, but it comes with challenges. They include investing in new equipment to meet capacity, hiring skilled operators if necessary and even finding space to locate the machine.

Alphacam Guides 5-Axis Future For Cambridge Precision

Five-axis machining is transforming the way a Cambridgeshire engineering subcontractor works.

Surfcam Stops Totomak's Air-Cutting And Speeds Up Machining Cycle Times

Investing in Surfcam, from Vero Software, has improved a Turkish manufacturer’s cycle times by around 10 per cent, without changing any cutting conditions.

Radan Software

Radan Cuts It For HAL’s Laser And Punch Companies

Having one software package covering two different cutting technologies was top of the agenda when an engineering subcontractor specialising in CNC punching bought a company which focused on laser cutting.


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Mécanique générale

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