Digitalisation of Operations

Hexagon’s solutions help digitalise operational data and processes, providing better visibility and improved decision-making.

There is an increasing need to analyse and share data in real-time on the shop floor. Enriched data that is routed correctly and shared instantaneously via notifications with the appropriate people adds value throughout the manufacturing process. Digitalisation tools enable collaboration and allow stakeholder responses to be automatically fed back into the system, simplifying or eliminating unnecessary steps and tasks for optimal efficiency. Efficiently digitalising and orchestrating data essentially provides an operational digital twin, enabling greater levels of automation.  

Through 2022, manual data management tasks will be reduced by 45% with the help of machine learning and other technologies (Gartner

Using continuous analytics could reduce time for integration by 30%, deployment by 30% and  maintenance by 70% (Gartner

Hexagon’s solutions for the digitalisation of operations are accessible to customers of all sizes. They are designed to integrate quickly and easily with your manufacturing infrastructure, leveraging existing technologies to lower the cost of entry while delivering profound value. A flexible lightweight app framework built on the SFx platform accelerates the potential of investments in technologies such as MES, PLM and ERP, and enables you to get up and running in as little as 8 weeks. 
Removing the risk from your digital transformation journey 

For a truly holistic smart manufacturing approach that leverages the power of digital technology, manufacturers must shift from linear, sequential operations to an interconnected, open system of operations that set a new precedent for how companies compete in the future. Hexagon’s digitalisation solutions deliver value today while laying the foundations for smarter operations in future. 

  • Mobilising existing workflows 
  • Connecting to legacy and modern data sources 
  • Enabling users to interact with a single app connected to multiple data sources 
  • Reading and writing data to back-end systems. 
  • Reshaping and digitally transforming entire work processes 
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