Aerospace Maintenance (MRO)

Inspection and Analytics Technology Helping Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Teams to Keep Aircraft in the Sky

Aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) is about ensuring that aircraft are safe to fly. MRO operations involve regularly scheduled line and base maintenance activities, including structural inspection tasks.

Whether the aircraft is a traditional metal structure or the latest generation of jetliner made from composite materials, airlines and operators must perform these tasks to prevent and detect structural damage, dents, cracks, and corrosion defects.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s 3D scanning solutions can help operators quickly inspect aircraft structural surfaces such as the engine air inlet, nacelle panels, fan blades or wing slat leading edges, all of which are exposed to lightning, ice and bird strikes.

Ground maintenance team mechanics use our ergonomic handheld 3D scanners to quickly detect and evaluate damage, while engine repair and overhaul maintenance facilities use our automated coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) to identify defects on larger batches of parts like engine blades and casings.

Accurate 3D measurement data also gives MRO teams the option to reverse engineer replacement parts to make repairs. This is particularly important when the part’s CAD models are not available; reverse engineering from rich point cloud data is often the quickest way to remanufacture the component, and our CAD CAM solutions can support toolpath creation from the scan data.

Hexagon is also helping aircraft MRO teams to reduce the aircraft downtimes by providing digital data collection and management tools that help them shift from preventive to predictive maintenance. Our data analytics and simulation solutions can aid MRO by recording and analysing structural inspection results to optimise maintenance tasks, enabling airlines to bring aircraft back into service in the shortest possible time.

Aircraft Structural Damage Recording and Analysis

Data analysis and visualisation tools help automate and improve the crucial identification, recording and analysis of aircraft structural damage from multiple sources.

Aircraft Structural Frames and Stringers Dimensional Measurement

Optimising the measurement of aircraft frames and stringers on the shop floor or close to machining centres increases productivity and ensures accuracy.

Real-Time Tool and Process Monitoring for Aerospace

Deploying local real-time monitoring and capturing trends in measurement data, alongside machine utilisation information, can provide insights for continuous process optimisation.

Installation and Inspection of Aircraft Assembly Tooling

Portable, easy-to-use, high-performance metrology systems to ensure the accurate installation of assembly tooling and fixtures for...

Aircraft Passenger Seat Frame Inspection

Portable measurement solutions can increase productivity in aircraft cabin fitting by simplifying the inspection of passenger seat frames.

Aero Engine Turbine Blade Cooling Holes Inspection

A combination of tactile and optical measurement is required to check the dimension, location, and orientation of turbine blade cooling holes.

Aero Engine Compressor and Turbine Casing Inspection

Flexible measurement solutions for the fast and accurate inspection of compressor and turbine casing components.

Aero Engine Gear and Transmission Component Inspection

High-accuracy measurement is required to ensure aero engine gears enable smooth power transmission to other engine components.

Aero Engine Fan Casing Inspection

Fan casing inspection requires measuring solutions that can cater for the part’s large size and tight clearance requirements.

Aero Engine Pipe and Duct Inspection

Efficient 3D non-contact measurement of bent and welded pipes in serial production or for reverse engineering.

Aero Engine Compressor and Turbine Blade Inspection

High-accuracy measurement is required to validate and verify the profiles, thickness, and alignment of aero engine compressor and turbine blades.

Aero Engine Vane Inspection

Measuring solutions offering high accuracy and flexibility are required to ensure correct engine turbine vane inspection.

Aero Engine Blisk Inspection

Tactile and optical scanning solutions for high-accuracy measurement of geometrical, freeform surfaces, and profile features on aero engine blisks.

Aero Engine Spools and Shafts Inspection

Increased accuracy and part accessibility are required for measuring the full length and circularity of aero engine shafts and spools

Aero Engine Fan Blade Inspection

Quick, high-accuracy measurement solutions ensure all aero engine fan blade features are in tolerance while helping to reduce total production time.

Inspection of Aircraft Ribs, Hinges and Machined Parts

The dimensional inspection of ribs, hinges and other large machined parts used in an aircraft’s structure requires large-volume measurement solutions with excellent...

Inspection of Aircraft Pylons, Winglets and Fairings

Dimensional inspection of critical aerodynamic aircraft components such as winglets, fairings and pylons is essential to safe and efficient flight.

Aircraft Cabin Interior Brackets Installation

Increase productivity by turning the installation and inspection of brackets in aircraft cabins into a one-step process.

Flight Control Surfaces Inclination Measurement

Accurate inclination measurement is required to calibrate and check the function of aircraft flight control surfaces such as the elevator, rudder, slats, flaps and ailerons.

Machine Tool Probing for Aero-Structure Rib Machining

Precise, constant alignment coupled with automated measurement and on-the-machine tooling results in faster milling of aero-structure ribs and fewer rejects.

Machine Tool Probing for Aircraft Fuselage Sections and Floor Panels

Inspecting and checking the alignment of large aircraft fuselage sections and floor panels during machining can help reduce waste and improve productivity.

Machine Tool Probing for Aircraft Engine Pylons

The machining of an aero engine pylon from a single blank can be made more accurate by in-process measurement to identify potential errors.

Machine Tool Probing for Aligning Aero Engine Turbine Wheels

Precise on-machine measurement is required to achieve the tolerances required of wheel turbine grooves, chamfers and radii.

Machine Tool Probing for Aero Engine Fan Casings

Machine tool probing helps manufacturers achieve tight tolerances first time and reduce costly rework of aero engine fan casings.

Reverse Engineering of Aircraft Components for MRO

Using 3D scanning to reverse engineer parts makes it easier to repair, maintain and overhaul aircraft for which CAD data is not available.

Materials Lifecycle Management for Aerospace

Aircraft manufacturers can improve the use and traceability of materials, as well as product design, by capturing, managing and sharing data about materials from within...


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