Dynaamiset tuotantoratkaisut ja mittaustekniikat, jotka auttavat hammaspyörien valmistajia optimoimaan prosesseja monimutkaisten osien tuotannossa ja takaamaan tasaisen korkean tason sekä jäljitettävissä olevat ja luotettavat tulokset.

Fast and Documented Measurements of Hobs with Carbide Inserts

Hobs with carbide inserts, which are needed for the production of gears, have to be manufactured with high precision to achieve the best results in their application. The testing of these parts can now be completed easily – with the ‘Tangential Hob’ option of QUINDOS metrology software from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. The parametrised software makes it very easy to generate the right programme for every single hob. The conventional manual testing time can be reduced to one tenth and the customer requirement for inspection reports can be fulfilled.

Non-Contact Measurement of Gear Racks

A gear rack is part of an assembly for converting rotational motion into linear motion. Typical applications are steering racks in cars and trucks as well as machine tool drives, transport systems, etc. The serial production of high-performance steering components like gear racks requires a fast and precise metrological solution to control the production process reliably. 

Autojen voimansiirto-osien tarkkuusmittausta

Voimansiirron hammaspyöräosien tuomien yksilöllisten mittaushaasteiden edessä laadusta vastaavien asiantuntijoiden on voitava luottaa mittaustulosten äärimmäiseen tarkkuuteen. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligencen Precision-ominaisuuspaketilla varustettu GLOBAL S -koordinaattimittauskone mahdollistaa äärimmäisen tarkat mittaukset ja antaa paremman kuvan koordinaattimittauskonetta ympäröivistä ympäristöolosuhteista.

Non-Contact Measurement of Synchro Rings and Shift Collars

Automotive gearbox technology made a significant step forward with the introduction of the “synchromesh gearbox” developed by Earl Thompson in the United States in 1928. The name synchromesh describes the function of synchronising the gears before meshing to enable a quiet, efficient and easy to use gear change.

Non-Contact Measurement of Splined Shafts

The industrial revolution brought with it the requirement to transmit power from a central location to individual machines via shafts and belts. While this problem was initially solved with the introduction of single-tooth keys and keyways, the move away from chain drives and axles to gearboxes and driveshafts called for a more elegant solution – the spline assembly. Whether involute splines or serrated splines, this innovation now comes in a variety of forms that have a key characteristic in common – complexity that demands high accuracy metrology to ensure quality.


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