CMM Relocation Services

Move Your CMM Quickly and Safely for Minimal Downtime and Maximum Productivity

Moving a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a job that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Manufacturers should be assured that their machine is protected and free from risk of damage during the relocation. A poorly executed relocation can incur a number of costs, from machine downtime resulting in production bottlenecks and reduced business capacity, to repairing damage or even replacing an irreparable machine.

The handling of high-precision CMMs requires special attention, as well as specific skills and equipment. Whatever your relocation needs, our technicians can provide you with the fastest service, advising you on how to prepare your facilities, then setting up and calibrating the machine to guarantee restoration of the original functional and metrological conditions after relocation.

To discuss your CMM relocation needs, contact your local Hexagon services team.

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