Calibration and Certification

Ensure System Accuracy and Repeatability with Regular Certification and Calibration

When it has been verified that a measuring machine meets the original manufacturer specifications, this is called a certification. A calibration is the process of restoring a machine that doesn’t meet the stated specifications to the required standards.

To ensure continued return on investment for inspection equipment, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence recommends that every measuring machine is inspected, certified and, if necessary, recalibrated on a yearly basis (a hardware maintenance agreement can offer this annual service). Given the negligible mechanical stress that coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are subject to during their operational life, in many cases this service is a routine performance verification. For portable systems that are regularly relocated, calibrations are recommended annually. 

However, structural or functional changes may have occurred in machine operation, due to a collision for example, or as a result of environmental events like an earthquake or floor subsidence. Likewise, the accuracy of portable systems can be susceptible to exposure to extreme temperature and spilled liquids. In the rare cases where significant deviations from the latest inspection are found, adjustments can be made to the machine using specialist equipment. 

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has several  ISO/IEC 17025 accredited service centres, performing calibration procedures that are traceable back to national and international standards, including ISO 10360. This accreditation recognises that our calibration laboratories demonstrate the technical competence required to ensure you get the service you need. 

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