White Light -skannerijärjestelmät

White Light -skannerijärjestelmät ovat kattavia optisia 3D-mittausratkaisuja, jotka on kehitetty edistämään kone- ja valmistusprosesseja auto- ja muussa tehdasteollisuudessa.


Flashes occur everywhere: The Hexagon Metrology WLS qFLASH is a non-contact multi-talent which rapidly carries out 3D measurements, creates reports and digitizes right on...


The BLAZE 600M portable blue light measurement system is a non-contact optical 3D scanning solution for rapid data acquisition on the shop floor. Combining high-resolution...


BLAZE 600A on täysin automaattinen optinen 3D-mittausjärjestelmä, joka tuottaa sinisen valon tekniikan avulla nopeat mutta silti tarkat mittaukset tuotantotiloissa.

360º Cell

Combining high-tech automation components with leading 3D optical measurement technology, the 360° Cell is a turnkey solution for fully-automated inspection operations.


LightRunner is a positioning system that transforms automated 3D optical measurement, replacing the mapping process to simplify setup and reduce cycle times.


The WLS400 is the next generation of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence White Light sensors featuring the latest technologies including high-resolution digital cameras,...


The white light measuring system Hexagon WLS400A is a flexible solution for real-time shop floor metrology.


qFLASH-A on kompakti ja taloudellinen, pienempiin automatisoituihin tuotantotilojen tarkastussoluihin tarkoitettu optinen 3D-mittausjärjestelmä.

AICON PrimeScan

With the new scanner line AICON PrimeScan, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence provides an attractive entry-level solution for highly precise 3D digitisation of industrial...

AICON StereoScan neo

“See What You Measure“ – Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence enters into a new dimension of fringe projection. Using the SWYM technology, it is now possible for the first...

AICON SmartScan

The AICON SmartScan from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence captures even complex surface geometries and fragile or deformable parts quickly and highly accurately. The...

PartInspect L

PartInspect L is a fast and simple automated part measurement solution for the shop floor based on high-end structured-light scanning technology