Software for Laser Scanners

Software plays a crucial role in the use of laser scanners. Powerful programs support the use of scanners in combination with portable measuring arms, Laser Tracker Systems or fixed coordinate measuring machines.



An intuitive, easy-to-use inspection software for portable probing and scanning applications, Inspire makes measurement simple and the complex possible.


SpatialAnalyzer® (SA) is a powerful, traceable and easy to use metrology and analysis software package, tailored for the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence portable CMM family.

Introducing the latest version of PC-DMIS


PC-DMIS-metrologiaohjelmisto mahdollistaa dimensiomittaustietojen hyödyntämisen koko organisaatiossa, sillä  laatu on suunnittelun ja valmistuksen ytimessä.


PC-DMIS siirrettäville nivelvarsimittalaitteille

Tarvitsitpa siirrettävien nivelvarsimittalaitteiden joustavuutta tai vain joitakin nopeita mittauksia, PC-DMIS tarjoaa tehokasta mittausta helppokäyttöisellä käyttöliittymällä tulosten saamiseen nopeasti.

VISI Reverse

VISI Reverse combines hybrid modelling CAD functionality with 3D scan data processing abilities so that easily customers can create fully compatible editable solid models starting from scanned data.


Whether you are casting, milling, molding or stamping, you can rely on PolyWorks to provide a complete solution for your process.

Metrolog X4

Metrolog X4 interfaces to the Leica Geosystems Laser Trackers the "Walk-Around" Leica T-Probe and the Leica T-Scan.


Verisurf is an all-in-one metrology software solution for alignment, inspection, tool building, assembly, scanning, analysis, reporting, automation, and reverse engineering applications.