Software for CMMs

Whichever the part that needs to be measured: with the right software, measurement is effortless.

PC-DMIS silta- ja portaalityyppisille koordinaattimittauskoneille

PC-DMIS tuo koordinaattimittauskoneisiin (CMM) tehokkaita, joustavia ja kattavia ominaisuuksia. Kaikkien Hexagonin koordinaattimittauskoneiden mukana vakiona toimitettava PC-DMIS, joka on yhteensopiva useiden muiden valmistajien laitteistojen kanssa, on universaali metrologiaohjelmistoratkaisusi.


QUINDOS is the most powerful analysis tool for many types of coordinate measuring devices and differing applications, mainly in power plant, automotive, aircraft and machine tool powertrain industries.

DataPage+ SPC

The days when using SPC was optional, when it was something that might be worth investigating someday are long gone.


DIGISCAN is an automatic continuous scanning system for digitizing free-form surfaces and contours using Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence coordinate measuring machines equipped with analogue scanning probes.

I++ Simulator

The I++ Simulator option is a stand-alone software package for the simulation of the complete measuring process. Realistic and comprehensive collision monitoring can only be carried out by visualising the complete process (machine, sensor, tool changers, tools, fixture and part).

PC-DMIS EDM Preset & Measure

PC-DMIS EDM Preset and Measure is both a software performing presetting tasks easily and safely, and a software accomplishing accurate and thorough quality controls on electrodes and workpieces.

Software Downloads

Visit our dedicated Software Portal to access support documents and downloads of our latest software.


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