Monipuoliset 3D-mittausominaisuudet sisäänrakennettuina

Freedom of movement

3D digitizing, 3D modelling, point cloud inspection, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping or copy milling: this system is an all-purpose metrology tool for a multitude of applications.

Freedom of movement: with a fully integrated and certified RS3 laser scanner, this is an all-purpose metrology system for almost any measurement need. Point cloud inspection, product benchmarking, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, virtual assembly or CNC milling are just some of the typical laser scanning applications that can be added to the rich portfolio of touch-probe measurement applications. The integrated laser scanner is designed to capture data from almost any object surface.

It does not need warm-up time or additional cables and controllers. Scanner and probe measurements are combined in the same software session.

All models of the ROMER Absolute Arm are available in three levels of accuracy, allowing you to select the right measuring arm for your application requirements and budget. The 73 Series and 75 Series arms offer excellent price/performance ratios for everyday metrology operations, while the 77 Series – the most accurate ROMER Absolute Arm ever produced – is ideal for specialist or high-end measurement applications.

Increasing productivity across all industries.

 Typical Industries:  Typical Measuring Applications:
 Automotive  Sheet Metal Parts
 Aerospace  Dies & Molds/Tooling
 Power Generation / Wind Energy  Machined Parts
 Forming Industry  Jigs & Fixture setup and alignment
 Casting Industry  Tubes & Tube Assembly
 Fabricated metal products  CAD-to-Part comparison
 Machinery Manufacturing  Alignment
 Sports Equipment  Reverse Engineering
 Piping & Tubing  Virtual Assembly
 Agriculture & Heavy Equipment  Body in White
 Ship and Boat building  On-machine tool inspection
 Railway  Composites inspection
 Archaeological and Historic Preservation  Die-Casting and Patterns

ROMER Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner


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