Electronic systems

Enhancing the design, production and inspection of electronic systems

Electronic systems suppliers need to be able to adapt to constant transformation. High growth in data usage, the adoption of cloud-computing, the deployment of the Internet of Things, and the arrival of 5G are among the factors driving change. And whether electronic systems manufacturers are serving the telecommunications, IT, aerospace, automotive, defence, transport or energy sectors they are under pressure to make more efficient use of power. All while remaining cost-effective in highly competitive markets.

But rapidly integrating new features into electronic systems poses challenges to design, engineering, production and inspection teams, which have to balance multiple new factors in their NPI processes, such as the efficient and compliant use of materials, and their behaviour, thermal performance, production throughput, and quality. By using Hexagon’s extensive range of data-driven solutions, electronic system suppliers can meet their customers’ evolving demands while speeding up and optimising the design, manufacturing and inspection of cost-effective, efficient, electronic systems. 

Our industry-leading electronics thermal analysis software, for example, helps data centres simulate cooling mechanisms that maximise energy efficiency and server performance and thus increasing reliability. And our CADCAM software for the sheet metal industry facilitates the design and production of cabinet and server racks. 

A full range of metrology hardware and software enables manufacturers to choose the inspection system that matches their requirements for throughput, precision and data capture. 

Smart manufacturing in electronics NPI

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