APODIUS ContInspect

Production integrated continuous inspection for composites

Comprising the APODIUS Explorer ContInspect platform combined with custom APODIUS Vision System hardware, all integrated within for example a Karl Mayer NCF machine, APODIUS ContInspect is a unique solution for composite inspection. Designed to meet the high requirements of a fully online measurement system, APODIUS ContInspect can deliver unmatched defect detection without any interruption to the production process.

The unique physical setup and full automation capability of APODIUS ContInspect allows for complete inspection of both top and bottom surfaces of composite raw materials. Defects are quickly detected and flagged, allowing for quick correction, extensive reporting and a significant reduction in material wastage.
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ContInspect_2Continuous inspection
The camera-based inspection system is scalable for a width up to 2.5 metres and is triggered by the plant’s production speed, ensuring a complete and continuous digitisation of the entire material reel.

Real-time defect detection
Defects such as gaps, fuzzballs and missing stitches as well as deviations in fibre orientation are detected and located in real-time thanks to the custom-built functionality of APODIUS Explorer ContInspect.

Mapping for traceability
Quality values and measurement results are logged into a defect map to guarantee an integrated traceability over the whole production process.

Reporting functionality
Detected defects are automatically stored and summarised in a measurement report that categorises each defect based on its kind, size and location, making the retroactive location and potential further assessment of defects easier than ever before.
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