APODIUS AFP Inspection System

Online inspection for automated fibre lay-up processes

Designed for the in-situ inspection of flat and complex geometries in fast fibre lay-up – automated fibre placement – processes, APODIUS AFP is built on custom APODIUS Vision System hardware. It is particularly optimised for applications with limited access space between the mould and lay-up head.

In order to avoid manual inspection steps, the system has been designed to be fully integrated within the production process. The system sees a highly precise continuous inspection of each tow performed, ply-by-ply, during the entire lay-up process, allowing for the detection of defects such as gaps, twists, foreign objects, tow starts and end positions. APODIUS AFP Inspection System also allows for direct target-actual comparison in relation to the nominal ply contour.

The complete solution comprises the APODIUS Explorer AFP software platform and the APODIUS Vision Sensor AFP, which is mounted directly onto the lay-up head. These parts come together to produce a powerful tool that puts automatic and reliable quality inspection at the heart of the production process.
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Critical measurement
A dedicated sensor set into the heart of production allows for the quick and easy collection of data regarding vital parameters and common defects within the automated fibre placement process.

Modular setup
The APODIUS AFP system can be easily integrated within any automatic fibre placement production head thanks to its simple modular design and is very quickly mountable with only four screws.

APODIUS-AFP-Inspection-Systems-ScreenFast sensor
High-speed image processing based on direct optical measurements allows results to be generated and reviewed in close to real-time, alongside the production process.

Reliable measurement
The APODIUS AFP system features an integrated automated system for carrying out a complete calibration process and performance test to ensure the continuous accuracy and reliability of results.

Flexible sensor
The APODIUS Vision Sensor AFP is rated for extremely complex part geometries with a total head pitch range of 40 degrees, making the system suitable for a wide range of production applications.

High-speed inspection
The fast camera of the APODIUS Vision Sensor AFP allows it to keep up with production speeds of over 400 millimetres per second so that production need not be slowed down to collect high-quality inspection results.

Inspection efficiency
Complete part inspection can be achieved with an overshoot of only 50 millimetres, avoiding unnecessary wastage of time and materials.

Material flexibility
The APODIUS AFP system is suitable for quality control processes on a wide range of fibre types and has been optimised for excellent results on even very reflective surfaces.

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