The next-generation metrology software driving simplicity and productivity in portable probing and scanning.

What is Inspire?

Discover Inspire, the next generation inspection software for all portable probing and scanning devices.

What is Inspire?

Intuitive and easy to use, Inspire is a comprehensive solution that makes portable measurement simple, saves time, and ultimately improves productivity.

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What's new in Inspire?

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Why Choose Inspire?

Learn how Inspire can increase efficiency in your quality control processes.

Inspire: intuitive design

Inspire creates a streamlined approach for measurement, analysis, and reporting for a wide array of applications.

Inspire: An all-in-one Solution

Inspire is a versatile and multi-functional end-to-end software built for users working on metrology applications ranging from simple tasks to complex projects in a...

Inspire: probing and scanning

With Inspire, you can use any portable measuring arm or laser tracker for probing and...

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