Our Icon

Take a look at how the innovation of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is captured in the unique icon that reflects our identity.

The shape of the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence icon symbolises how raw measurement data can become more than mere figures. The three points of our graphic identifier reflect our metrology heritage through the X, Y and Z of the Cartesian coordinate system – but in this shape the three elements interact to form something more complex and beautiful. The icon places our history at the heart of our progress, pointing the way forward with the speed and confidence of data informing every dimension.

Our icon captures what Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is all about – shaping smart change to help industrial manufacturers develop the disruptive technologies of today and the life-changing products of tomorrow.

Porque hacer realidad importa

En este posteo, el presidente y director ejecutivo de Hexagon, Ola Rollén comenta la importancia de hacer realidad cuando observamos nuestro mundo.

El cambio inteligente se hace realidad

Estamos haciendo realidad el cambio en empresas geoespaciales e industriales a través de soluciones innovadoras que hacen que las ideas y los datos cobren...